When I said I would come back, I meant it: Zombie Quicksilver wasn’t our first glimpse of Earth-Za, even if the creatures of this universe belonged only to the realm of nightmares… as it should be. In Spider-Man: In the distance, Mysterio torments Spidey with a few illusions, one of which sees the hero’s mentor rise from the grave in a rather macabre guise. This Iron Zombie also exists in comic books, but it’s not just an illusion: He is all too real and poses a threat, not only to his own universe, but to all the nations of the Marvel Multiverse. Well, let’s see.

Tony Stark’s life on Earth-2149 was largely the same as Tony Stark’s life on Earth-616, except for a few chronological details: his kidnapping, his transformation into an armored avenger, and his drinking problems all took place a little later than in his main counterpart. Then, of course, their lives changed drastically when a zombie guard came out of an open portal on Earth-91126 and spread a virus that turned even some of the most powerful heroes on Earth into flesh-eating zombies. Iron Man was in the Avengers’ home when Colonel went to investigate with other Avengers, and never saw them again: In their place, he received a call from Nick Fury, who summoned all available supermen on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to organize the resistance. While a large team of heroes is sent to the surface to try and keep the situation in New York City under control, Stark, along with Fury, Reed Richards and Bruce Banner, look for a way to get rid of the plague. Here Stark took Fury to his lab, where he showed him his latest project: an interdimensional teleportation device, though it only works with dimensions where something similar has been built to bridge the two realities. As the two men discussed how to use the device, the Four Fantastic Undead collapsed into the laboratory: Before Stark could put on his armor, he was bitten and could only watch helplessly as Fury was paralyzed before his eyes. In moments he transformed, retaining his head, but a new and insatiable thirst for human flesh took him. From that moment on his (un)life became an endless hunt for fresh meat: He went with Zombie Beast, Zombie Mr. Fantastic and zombie Luke Cage in Latveria, found a pocket of resistance in Dumstadt Castle, and helped destroy the zombies (actually dead people) that defended it, destroying the castle’s magical defenses and destroying everyone inside. He also took part in the hunt for the living invaders, the Fantastic Four of Earth-1610, but they escaped using their own teleportation device, taking some survivors with them.

The turning point for the Iron Zombie came when the Silver Surfer came to Earth: Finally, he and the rest of the horde saw someone new to eat, but the Silver Stranger was strong, and though Stark managed to take a few hits with his armor, the surfer sprayed his legs with a burst of energy. Eventually the Hulk zombie managed to bite off the Silver Surfer’s head, and when the rest of his body hit the ground, what was left of Iron Man grabbed him, and the other five with him: Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Wolverine, Zombie Colonel America, Zombie Luke Cage and Zombie Giant Man. The seven who consumed the Silver Surfer were immersed in its cosmic power, a chance to change their lives for the better: At first they tried to cook the other zombies with their new power to give them a better taste, but the experiment was a terrible failure, for the dead flesh was dead flesh no matter how it was treated, and it could not satisfy their hunger. Then came master surfer Galactus: Even with their new powers, the seven space zombies were nothing more than flies for the World Destroyer, ready to devour their world. After retreating to the Giant Man’s laboratory, Stark, Banner, and Pim built a weapon-like device that could concentrate the cosmic power of the seven superzombies, causing Galactus to fall to his knees in a few shots. After battling zombie super-villains to devour flesh, the Seven managed to devour a Titan, and with the power they gained as a result, they left Earth in search of other life forms to devour. The zombies spread like a space plague and arrived on Tarnax IV, the Scrells’ home planet. Here the iron zombie and others killed and ate everyone, eventually devouring the planet itself. For forty years they devoured living beings and even worlds, until there was nothing left in their universe to satisfy their hunger: At that point, the Iron Zombie, who had built himself a brand new pair of cybernetic legs, suggested to the others that they return to Earth, where his teleportation device would allow them to travel to other realities, parallel dimensions still full of edible life forms….

Tony Stark is a genius, a billionaire, a playboy… and a voracious cannibal, a brilliant scientist driven entirely by a burning hunger that drives him to devote every ounce of his intellect and energy to finding fresh, live meat. As an iron zombie, not only does he possess all the scientific genius he once had, as well as his high-tech armor with all the gadgets and weapons that go with it, but he has also been given cosmic power, giving him control over the fundamental forces of nature (electromagnetism, gravity, and nuclear energy), making him extremely powerful and even more dangerous; as a zombie, he can survive any damage as long as his brain isn’t damaged. The Iron Man zombie is an undead that sees humans only as food. He is one of the greatest thinkers on earth, which makes him even more dangerous now that he is more interested in the taste of brains than in their abilities.


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frequently asked questions

Who is that guy in the cave with Tony Stark?

Dr. Ho Insen is the man who saved Tony Stark’s life by removing most of the shrapnel from his heart and placing an electromagnet on a car battery to prevent the rest from entering his heart. He was taken hostage by the Ten Rings in a cave with Tony to build a weapon.

Who is who at Tony Stark’s funeral?

Who was it? The answer is Harley Keener, played by Ty Simpkins. Harley is the guy from Iron Man 3 who helped Tony when Iron Man had an accident in Tennessee. This movie was set in 2013, and don’t forget that the funeral takes place around 2023 due to a five-year time jump.

Who is the old man in the background at Tony Stark’s funeral?

In the background, looking out from the porch, is Nick Fury, the man who started it all. It’s a shame we don’t get to see him interact with any of these characters, especially Captain Marvel.

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