A man, his wife and their son have been missing for a year. The police have no leads to find them. But there is a new development in the case that could change everything.

An estranged couple, their lost son and lots of mysteries. The letter to estranged son from mother is a very touching story about love between parents and children.

Actors are occasionally tasked with improvising lines and performances, which is fine; however, when they are expected to extemporize an entire script, that is definitely next level and requires exemplary talent, and if everything isn’t neatly tied in together, the result can be a terrible piece of art that even the filmmakers themselves find offensive. Well, the new drama ‘My Son’ is a great yardstick for judging outstanding acting abilities among the industry’s stars. 

This mystery drama film is an English adaptation of the French film “Mon garcon,” which featured Guillaume Canet and Melanie Laurent in 2017. The original version was so popular that Christian Carion, the brains behind it, decided to create and direct an English version.

James McAvoy, Claire Foy, Gary Lewis, Tom Cullen, Robert Jack, and Owen Whitelaw appear in ‘My Son,’ which was shot in Scotland during the coronavirus lockdown. On September 15, this drama debuted on Peacock, a streaming platform.

In a nod to the original, ‘My Son’ was shot in a new manner. McAvoy, who, like the French version, takes up the character of Canet, was not provided a screenplay or lines, nor was he informed how the tale would finish. The actor had to completely improvise his portrayal based on the actions and responses of the other characters, all of whom were well-versed in the storyline. 


The tale follows Edmond Murray, a young parent portrayed by McAvoy. Murray gets a panicked call from his estranged ex-wife Joan Richmond (Foy), who informs him that their seven-year-old kid has gone missing, while going about his daily routine. He travels immediately to the city where Joan and their son reside, and while the two hunt for their missing son, they discover that he is no longer missing but has been abducted. Hopelessness threatens to overwhelm them in their search for their child, as desperation, frustration, and remorse erupt in full force. Murray is thrown into a state of complete bewilderment and fear, and he frantically seeks answers, discovering many secrets about his life along the way. Murray solves the riddles step by step with the audience in this instance.

‘My Son’ is not an action film, so don’t expect anything like Liam Neeson’s butt-kicking action in ‘Taken.’ The major characters, particularly Murray, are unbalanced by an experience of emotional anguish and sorrow as he grapples with the repercussions of being an absentee parent. 

It’s strange that in a project full of equally strange events, the audience isn’t made aware from the start that the lead character is indeed improvising his dialogue as well as his performance, and the groundbreaking aspect used to define the film will remain a mystery to those who are unfamiliar with the title. And for those who are familiar with the backstory, it’s easy to see why they didn’t think the title was fantastic. Those who were unaware of the facts, on the other hand, would praise McAvoy for producing an award-worthy performance as a scriptwriter and actor.

At least for McAvoy, it makes perfect sense to keep the narrative’s surprise as basic as possible. He also needs to think quickly about everything that surrounds his persona. However, from the viewpoint of the spectator, he may seem to be a video game character at times, with the other characters providing hints and clues to the next scene.

The long takes are skillfully done, and the protagonists do their hardest to give a believable portrayal. The views are wonderfully done, the lovely Scottish scenery well caught, adding beauty to the images. The cinematography emphasizes the sense of loneliness and dread that this separated couple, who have made many errors in the past, feels while looking for their kid amid the vastness of a world that seems to be hostile to their search and their innocent young child. Everything is so unprocessed. The process of uncovering the mystery to actually exposing the truth all seems extremely realistic, from the internal mental anguish to the frantic hunt for the missing kid. McAvoy’s Scottish accent is also enthralling.


When one examines the storyline and storytelling, several red flags begin to appear. After a strong start, the narrative becomes darker as it progresses into the second half. In certain moments, the father-son relationship, which is the film’s primary subject, seems a little empty, reducing the picture to another rescue the kid from the evil guys kind of film.

‘My Son’ didn’t finish on a very strong note. For example, one scene may transition from Edmond on his way to meet the grim ripper after he is shot to a scene when he is fantasizing of a happy life with his family. Audiences quickly begin to question whether this is a dream or if it is a long time afterwards. He is subsequently taken away by the police, and one of the officers says that the judge will consider something, leaving the audience perplexed, dissatisfied, and unsatisfied. 

Finally, ‘My Son’ may be characterized as an average film since it was a little sluggish at points and didn’t dig further into the storyline’s larger picture. If only the filmmakers had described the terrible circumstances in which the protagonists find themselves. It might have been so much better. Nonetheless, this drama is entertaining to watch. 

The storyline may be weak and predictable, but this film will be remembered for its stunning photography, appropriate music, and excellent performances, as well as for showcasing James McAvoy’s flexibility as a talented and competent actor. It is, however, a tearjerker, so be prepared with a large box of tissues to keep the tears at bay.


The what to say to estranged son is a story about an estranged couple and their lost son. It’s filled with lots of mysteries that will keep you hooked.

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