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Alien Origin is an American science fiction horror film from 2012 about a lost expedition that reveals the origins of life on earth.

Mark Atkins (Monster Island; 6-headed shark attack; Planet of Sharks; Sand Sharks; Evil Eyes; etc.), protected area production stars Philip Coke, Eric Darrins, Daniela Flynn and Chelsea Vincent.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

This film is marked as a personal project, and not as a fully realised film. Asylum Pictures has made many films that parody a larger film with the title, and says that this film should have followed in Prometheus’ footsteps – a friendly giant would have crushed this film and thrown it to the ground. The problems caused by this film are too numerous to list. 28 days of analysis later

This one reacted surprisingly well, and while almost every other film about shrines is set in a house or building, this one is very open with a fairly large range that includes the city/military base, the jungle, the cave systems, the half-destroyed Mayan temples […] the stranger seems to be invisible to the entire film, so some kind of play is really boring. Bi-film ray

This does not mean that one ignores the stupid little things, but that a stranger is not aware of something that even remotely resembles real life. If the film had been spontaneous, it would have been better; to be that bad, he almost had to try. Of course acting is terrible too. All soldiers seem to try to imitate their heroes in Peloton and Predator, and they fail. Blu-ray.com

It’s coma induction.  If you’re in a coma and someone’s playing alien in front of you, it’ll put you in something outside of a coma, whatever it is.  We can’t tell you anything about the game, or the plot, or anything else, because there was nothing to see except watching people walking in the woods, running in the woods, nightvision in the woods, then some fireworks in the woods, followed by death in the woods. The film critics gathered

Foreign descent is flawed in all areas. The film consists of a long preamble that follows the soldiers and crew through the jungle. Different things happen, but it’s not clear what they are. The group stumbled upon an archaeological excavation in which an alien skull was found in the depths of a cave… They stumbled upon an extraterrestrial ship, but nothing happens there, although many restless people walk through half-lit corridors. Moria

I feel like they could have done a lot more with this concept. More details and facts about the discoveries they make, a clearer and more creative use of the teachings of Erich von Deniken, the ancient extraterrestrials, the Mayan culture and its legends… The last half hour too much to walk and shoot in the dark. Ninja Dixon

All you have to pay attention to are the many creative challenges Atkins uses to never show us our evil Alien Lords, but even this game at home won’t interest you for long. If you’re still awake when something really happens in this movie, don’t pray for anything but a quick fix… The guru of the garbage film

Don’t look at foreign descent. Don’t look at the poster and think: Nice poster. I’ll try it on. Don’t look at the trailer and think: He looks like a predator, it can’t be that bad… This is bad. Alien Origin is one of the worst movies I’ve ever made. Werewolves on the moon

The actors and characters:

Philip Coke… Philip Royce (not credited)
Eric Darins . Handsome (not accredited)
Daniela Flynn … Dr. Susan Neumann (Unaccredited)
Mjor. John Freer… Dr. Timothy Holden (unaccredited) Dennis Johnson… Dennis Friissen (unrecognized) Trey McCurley… Lieutenant… Chris Thompson. Kent Norales… Kent Clarkson (unaccredited) Sol Pec… Saul Vega (not accredited) Peter Pedrero … Peter Santos (unaccredited) Andres Rash… Andres Revelle (non-accredited) Rupert Tablada … Top dog (no references) Alan Asher … Major Alan Menton (unaccredited) Chelsea Vincent… Julia Evans (unaccredited)

The trailer:

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