She thought she was safe inside.

Agoraphobia is a 2015 American horror film about an agoraphobic woman who inherits her father’s house in a remote part of the Florida Keys. When strange things begin to happen, she discovers that something much scarier is trapped in her house.

Written and directed by Lou Simon (73 Minutes; 3: Eye for an Eye; All Girls Weekend; HazMat). White Lotus Productions stars Cassandra Skerbo (Sharknado franchise), Adam Brudnicki, Tony Todd (Final Destination and Candyman franchises) and Aniela McGuinness.


Agoraphobia is available in North America just in time for Valentine’s Day. Writer and director Lou Simon commented: It’s been a long time. We really fought for this, and I’m glad we can finally share this movie with the world.

After screening at film festivals around the world, Agoraphobia was selected for distribution in several regions, including North America. However, when the film was accidentally released without permission, the independent film company filed a lawsuit against the three companies involved, as well as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Negotiations in New York federal court lasted more than four years, but the parties eventually reached an amicable settlement. We really felt like David fighting Goliath, said actress Julie Kendall, who plays Elizabeth in the film. I was very happy to hear that the case was settled. I’m really glad Lou fought for all of us who worked so hard on the film, and for all independent filmmakers.


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Agoraphobia isn’t really a terrible movie. Production values are pretty good by today’s standards. Overall, it’s not overly CGI heavy (I can’t say if that’s a good or bad thing) […] It’s just one of those things that never seems to find the glue it needs to tie everything together. HNN

Agoraphobia is in the oft-used low-budget movie vein of renting a house and writing a story, and somewhere deep in that picture, there’s something good. Yet the film struggles to get out of second gear until the final third, when you think it could have been a piece of low-budget perfection with a tighter rewrite and rearrangement of the story. Schlock Pit

Agoraphobia is a very well done clip from the movie Waiting/Terror : The story itself has been told before, but it’s presented in a highly original way that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end, there’s a good balance of tension and sudden shocks to make the most of it, the best use is made of the very limited locations, and the actors deliver top-notch performances throughout. Look in my dustbin

The actors and characters:

Cassandra Skerbo… Faye-Adam Brudnicki… BandTony Todd… Dr. MurphyAniela McGuinness… StephanieGema Calero… NinaMaria… Olsen… Aunt Margie/SpookRoberto Escobar Detective Martinez-Julie Kendall… ElizabethHarry Marsh… Father Hamlet… Kitty…


Key Largo, FLMiami Beach, FL.



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