–-Whos-Who.jpg Yay, I love being right! This week on WandaVision, we finally reveal the identity of one of the main characters, and it’s exactly who many of us suspected. Breaking through the fourth wall, Wanda finally falls upon her “nosy roommate” Agnes, represented by the amazing Katherine Hahn, in her basement, and both of them introduce her correctly for the first tim….e . And finally we have confirmation that Agnes is none other than Agatha Harkness, one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest witches, both enemy and mentor to Wanda herself. It remains to be seen whether she’ll be a bigger part of the show, but in the meantime ….: “You didn’t think you were the only witch in town, did you?”

Agatha Harkness’s origins and real name are lost to time: She was old enough to remember the centuries before Atlantis sank into the sea, and by then was already a powerful witch, in touch with spirits, demons, and even cosmic beings like Skyer. She overcame the ages thanks to her magic and managed to hide from ordinary people, at least until the seventeenth century, when witch hunts were a trend and even she–-Whos-Who.jpg had trouble staying incognito. Around the same time, she founded a witches’ assembly in Europe. To escape persecution, she and her followers moved to the New World and settled in Salem, Massachusetts….opposed to persecution or witchcraft, believing it was useful for magicians to make them strong by getting rid of weak members of their community; she even encouraged her followers to report “useless” magicians and witches to the Puritans. As strong as she was, she had no trouble surviving all the trials. Eventually she was convinced by a 20th century mutant, Firestar, to protect her people, so she moved to Colorado and founded New Salem, a city shielded from the outside world by a magical barrier, a haven for all users of magic . Or at least those strong enough to find it. In New Salem, Agatha became even more powerful, earning the title of Grand Lady of the community and holding the “fort” of her people by selling to the Puritans those she deemed too weak to be burned at the stake. During this period she also found a husband and had a son with him, Nicholas Scratch, who in turn became a powerful charmer. Occasionally she even left New Salem to enter the world of “mortals,” as she called them, as when in the late 18th century she helped the Daughters of Liberty, a group of women fighting for freedom, by teaching them basic magic. During World War II, she was also recruited by the U.S. Army to fight another powerful witch, Hilda the Heit.

All of Agatha Harkness’s adventures in the “mortal world” had one thing in common: she was looking for new magical talents to control, nurture, and eventually recruit into her community. She even became a babysitter for a while, but never found anyone worthy of her attention, so she retreated to the old house at the top of Whisper Hill until she came in contact with the Fantastic Four, while Reed and Sue Richards were looking for someone to take care of their newborn baby–-Whos-Who.png Franklin. Agatha knows who the baby’s parents are and immediately invites the heroes to her home to meet them, and welcomes them to spend the night…. But here the four creeps attacked at night to kidnap the child. The criminals immediately neutralized the Fantastic Four, but tragically underestimated the frail old woman who faced them: Agatha forced her acquaintance Ebony to take care of Wizard, while she turned Sandman into stone and filled Trapper’s mind with horrible visions and illusions, scaring him away; then she turned the enemy’s equipment and weapons to dust, causing them all to flee. After such a feat, Reed and Sue hired her as Franklin’s permanent governess, convinced that she could handle anything that came from their enemies or from the boy himself, if he had the strength. She proved she could by defending herself against enemies like Annihilus, Walking Air, and Overmind, while hiding from Franklin’s developing powers, in which she was very interested: the boy had promised to become one of the most powerful beings in the world. Unfortunately, Scratch has since taken power in New Salem and turned the pact against Agatha by kidnapping her grandchildren, the Salem Seven, and bringing her to justice. She was saved by the Fantastic Four and managed to exile her son (who is now disinherited) to another dimension, but from then on New Salem became more of a problem for her than a resource. Too bad, because she just found another interesting developing talent in the person of Scarlet Witch, a troubled mutant with a natural affinity for magic who seemed to need a mentor to guide her growth. ….

Agatha Harkness is an ancient and intelligent being, a woman who carries the weight of thousands of years of history on her shoulders, a survivor who is able and willing to do anything in her power (remarkably) to achieve her goals. Agatha is one of the most powerful users of magic on earth. She has forgotten more spells and incantations than most mages know, and can do almost anything with those she remembers, from teleportation to energy manipulation, telepathy to telekinesis, invocation to clairvoyance; not only is she powerful, but she is extremely intelligent, skilled, and patient. She is able to play the Kurios in the same way as the demonic lords such as Mephisto or Marduk, and plot their plans for centuries. Agatha Harkness, perhaps as old as humanity, is neither a force for good nor a force for evil: she considers herself above petty moral issues and pursues only her own interests, no matter where they lie, what sacrifices she must make to follow them, and whom she must destroy to achieve them ….

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Agatha Harkness on WandaVision?

But no revelation came with a more mystical whistle than the one many of us have been speculating about since the beginning : Katherine Hahn is really playing the role of Agatha Harkness, an immortal Marvel witch who has very strange ties to the Wanda Comics story.

Who does Agatha Harkness work for?

Agatha first worked as a housekeeper for Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman).

Who is the father of Wanda Maximoff ?

Peter Maximov.

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