I can finally proudly announce the release date of my movie for the fans of AXANAR Universe INTERLUDE :

MONDAY, 5. APRIL 2021 (Star Trek First Contact Day).

The premiere will take place during a special broadcast of Axanar Confidential on Monday night at 10pm EST, featuring myself and a group of Interlude team members alongside Garth Fleet Captain himself, Alec Peters. The extensive press release can be found on Axanar’s YouTube channel.

Let me tell you, the last week I wasn’t sure if we were going to make that deadline! While no one is holding a phaser to our heads to watch Interlude on 5. First Contact, released in April, is a coveted target for Star Trek filmmakers, if they can find their way. But I checked, and this year no one I talked to said it was that day (and even if it was, I would have given them the choice and just picked another date a week or two later). So once the coast was clear, I began to mentally prepare for the fifth. April.

Although we’ve been REALLY close to completing Interlude over the last few weeks, I didn’t feel confident enough to make an announcement today. Eventually, some really crazy things happen along the way that delay or at least affect pre-production, production and post-production. Among them: flooding rivers, wild tornadoes, bizarre polar ice storms, trapped woodpeckers, stray dogs on the streets. For more information, click here, here and here.

And now we can add FIRE to the list!

Last Monday, I was unable to reach MARK EDWARD LEWIS, our sound designer for post-production, for most of the day. That in itself is not unusual; Mark has a pretty busy life and I don’t expect the whole team to be on standby 24/7. (In fact, you have to pay people for such a service – and pay a lot!).

But Monday was a great day. Just seven days before the unannounced but coveted deadline, there was a problem with the coverage. Two days earlier I sent Mark a collection of the final sound mix notes from myself, our director VICTORIA FOX, our editor JOSH IRWIN and our composer KEVIN CROXTON. But it was Monday, the clock was ticking, and no one had heard from Mark. So I emailed him on Monday morning on my own time (around noon for Mark who is from rural Tennessee) to ask if he could make the final corrections and send the final audio mix to Josh in the next day or two.

I am still waiting for an answer to my last letter, he replied.

Oh! Apparently Mark sent an email on Saturday with a convoluted explanation of one of the entries we had requested and asked how we wanted to proceed. But no one had received the letter, so I asked Mark to give it to everyone as soon as possible. He said yes, and I left to do other morning chores.

It’s been hours. and nothing from Mark. Thinking Mark’s email was still an error, I sent him a message. No answer. I tried to call. No answer. The clock was ticking and Jonathan’s fingernails were getting shorter and shorter.

I didn’t go to all this trouble for no reason, you know. Victoria was about to embark on the 6-hour drive from Oklahoma back to her home in Arkansas and hadn’t read (maybe even received) the detailed email. As the afternoon wore on, Victoria couldn’t wait any longer for Mark’s emails.

It was early evening when I finally got a message from Mark…….

I’m sorry. There was a fire 100 yards from my house. The neighbor next door. I got there first. The fire watch lasted 20 minutes. Hose. A bucket. Scoop.


I thought Tennessee had heavy rains and flooding! Apparently Mark’s neighbor’s property was waiting for a weather change to catch fire. Phew! !! Nobody knows yet what caused it.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, the fire didn’t burn down any houses, and it was out before Mark reached the ground…. although Mark did breathe in quite a bit of smoke. But it will be a beautiful spring, for the fire has put many ashes on the seeds, he wrote me. Always look on the bright side of life, that’s Mark!

Note that you pasted a copy of the Facebook IM email to me and I forwarded it to Victoria. Fortunately, she stopped at a gas station, got a chance to read it, and we discussed Mark’s problems during the last 45 minutes of the trip. Right after I hung up, I contacted Mark and he finally agreed. A new final audio mix for Josh was released Tuesday night.

Well, uh… almost certainly.

One of the things Mark has done seems to have inadvertently lowered the level of some really important trumpet notes, which frankly makes no difference when I listen to it! But Kevin hears it, and so does Victoria. But instead of sending it back to Mark, Kevin just takes the final sound mix file, rearranges it into these horn tracks, and sends it back to Josh to insert into the video timeline. Kevin expects to be with Josh tonight.

Tick-tock, my friends! I’ll see you Monday night…

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