Acapulco is a new television series that premiered on Apple TV+. The show was created by Jordan Peele, who also wrote and directed the horror film Get Out.

Acapulco is a new show on Apple TV+ that has been getting mixed reviews. Some people say it’s good and others say it’s not worth the time. So, what should you watch? Read more in detail here: what to watch on apple tv for free.

Acapulco is the most recent multilingual comedy series for television, based on Eduardo Cisneros, Austin Winsberg, and Jason Shuman’s How to Be a Latin Lover. On October 8, 2021, the series will premiere on Apple TV+, and fans will be able to watch it. Among the cast members are Enrique Arrizon, Eugenio Derbez, Camila Perez, Raphael Alejandro, and Damián Alcázar.

The comedy sitcom is directed by Richard Shepard, with executive producers Eugenio Derbez, Eduardo Cisneros, Austin Winsberg, Jason Shuman, Chris Harris, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, and Benjamin Odell. Since its debut on October 8, the program has been available on Apple TV+.

What Are Fans Saying About the Series?

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The program is said to feature a storyline that is a combination of plots from different English-language series, but it has a multicultural background and cast, and it switches between subtitled Spanish and English throughout. The series is repeated for the purpose of entertainment, but it also manages to blend its stolen material into something new.

In the series, executive producer Derbez plays present-day Máximo Gallardo, who is shown recounting his success story to Hugo (played by Raphael Alejandro), his 14-year-old nephew. Enrique Arrizon plays young Maximo, who obtains a job at Las Colinas alongside his friend Memo (played by Fernando Carsa). Maxima feels the position will pay enough to assist her mother with eye surgery and support his sister Sara, but his mother Nora fears it would pamper her son.

The crowd like Derbez’s persona, although his appearance is brief and mostly overshadowed by younger Maximo Arrizon. The latter assumes a commanding position and rises to the occasion well. The series’ comedy aspect, on the other hand, might have been more prominent, rather of only showing up now and then. The moments in which Maximo is shown as naive are popular with the audience. The scenes in which Don Pablo’s secret is exposed and Sarah’s secret is revealed are the ones that hit the proper rhythm.

Arrizon and Perez have a nice connection, while Carsa, Overstreet, and Collins provide excellent humor, and Bauche and Alcázar provide a poignant emotional backdrop. Overall, Acapulco seems to be a nice show, a feel-good comedy that wears its elegance well.

Final Thoughts: Should You Stream It or Skip It?

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With a feel-good element and a solid cast, the series becomes a worthwhile watch at least once. We’re not sure whether the modern Maximo is a suitable match for the narrator. Nonetheless, his experiences as a younger version of himself contribute to a lovely fairy tale with a healthy dose of humor.

The shooting site is breathtaking, bringing a riot of color to the images while maintaining the fairy tale feel. As a result, the series is a wonderful way to pass the time on weekends while also providing a dose of harmless comedy and magnificent vistas of the resort. 

Acapulco on Apple TV+ is a new series that was released on the streaming service. It has been receiving mixed reviews from viewers, but it is worth watching if you are an apple tv+ subscriber. Reference: apple tv+ originals.

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