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Six years have passed since Harold and Qumar left Guantanamo Bay and left each other with totally different families, friends and lives. But when Kumar shows up at Harold’s during the holidays with a mysterious bag in his hand, he accidentally burns Harold’s favourite pastry tree. To solve this problem, Harold and Kumar embark on a mission through New York City to find the perfect Christmas tree, each time encountering difficulties.

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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011) Six years have passed since Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Cal Penn) escaped from Guantanamo Bay. Unfortunately the best friends and roommates broke up and haven’t even spoken to each other in two years. Harold became a successful businessman on Wall Street and stopped sitting with his friends and smoking marijuana. Moreover, Harold is engaged to his old Latin American girlfriend Maria (Paula Garcés). However, the years have not been so good for Qumar. Qumar still lives in the dirty apartment where he once lived with Harold, and has trouble making ends meet. Qumar was expelled from medical school because he failed a drug test. Worse, Kumara was recently dumped by his girlfriend Vanessa Fanning (Danneel Harris), who is pregnant with him.

Harold is very tense this Christmas. Harold wants everything to be perfect for his future father-in-law’s holiday visit. Maria’s father, Carlos Perez (Danny Trejo), dislikes Harold and thinks his daughter is capable of being more than one businessman. Harold feels extra pressure when Mr. Perez brings his Christmas tree to Harold’s house, which he has been planting for eight years. Mr. Perez gives Harold a presentation on the importance of the tree for his family at Christmas.

Meanwhile, Kumar gets a parcel in his apartment in the name of Harold. Kumar decides to give it to Harold and goes to his house. At Harold’s house two old friends open a box and find a big joint of marijuana inside. Harold has no idea where the package came from and Kumar lights the joint. Harold grabs a joint from Qumar and tries to throw it out the window. But the pole lands on Mr. Perez’s Christmas tree and lights up immediately.

In his desperation, Harold tries to formulate a plan to replace the precious Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Kumar tells Harold that his new friend Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld) is attending a party with a Fraser fir tree that resembles Mr. Perez. Kumar tells Harold that if he brings Kumar to the party, he can take the tree. Harold, Kumar, Adrian and Todd (Thomas Lennon), Harold’s new best friend, come to a party where a girl named Mary (Jordan Hinson) tries to seduce Harold. Maria, daughter of the Russian mafia czar Sergei Katzov (Iliya Koteas) Sergei sends two of his men to kill Harold and Kumar because he believes they tried to rape his daughter.

Harold and Kumar fled the building alive, but without the Christmas tree. They meet their old friends, Andy Rosenberg (Eddie K. Thomas) and Seth Goldstein (David Krumholtz), whom they haven’t seen for years. Then Harold and Kumar plan to steal the church tree, but eventually they do a Christmas show with Neil Patrick Harris. Harold and Kumar are surprised to see NPH alive because they saw him murdered outside a Texas brothel six years ago. The NPH shows that he really died, but that Jesus Christ threw him out of heaven. NPH shows that it can now read their minds and hang the boys not only with a tree but also with a waffle iron.

Two men go back to Harold’s house to hang a tree when two Kastow men kidnap them. Luckily Wafflebott saves Harold and Qumar, but the boys lose the tree. After accidentally shooting Santa Claus (Richard Richele) in the head, Kumar performs an emergency operation and saves Chris Kringle’s life. Santa Claus is grateful and willing to bring Harold and Qumar home in a sled. On the way, Santa Claus reveals that he sent the package with the joint, hoping to reunite two old friends.

Harold comes home to find the disgruntled Mr. Perez. Maria’s father is angry about the disappearance of his Christmas tree. After being pressured to break in at night, Harold finally stands up for Mr. Perez and tells him that although he is not the perfect son-in-law, he is the perfect man for Maria. Mr. Perez is impressed with Harold’s emotional expression and smile. He explains that he knew Harold was a good guy, but that he wanted to make sure he had cohorts before he was admitted to the Perez family.

Harold and Qumar revive their friendship, and Qumar revives his affair with Vanessa. Kumar promises Vanessa that he will review his medical exams to become her child’s doctor. Harold and Maria woke up on Christmas morning and heard that Santa Claus had left a replacement Christmas tree in their living room. Also, on Christmas morning, Marie will know she’s pregnant. Harold decides to smoke weed again and he and Kumar share a joint for the first time in years.

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