Christian Bale’s breakout role in the 1999 film American Psycho was almost without precedent: a movie about a serial killer whose victims are mostly women. But it would also become one of Bale’s most iconic roles, and the one that arguably defined his career. So, what other movies of his have you seen, and what role did they play in shaping your impression of Bale as an actor?

With a look that is so almost instantly recognisable (“You know you are looking at a guy who plays Batman”), Bale’s career has been a series of peaks and troughs. He’s been nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes, and has even won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for his roles in films like The Fighter, American Hustle, and The Machinist. But he’s never been taken seriously by Hollywood as an actor. His best success up until recently has been the dark and creepy character he plays in movies like The Fighter and American Hustle, and then there’s the last two films in the Dark Knight trilogy: The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

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Christian Bale

Christian Bale, one of the best and brightest actor-spirits of our generation. This man has shown unwavering commitment over the years and has always performed each of his roles honestly. Moreover, most of his films deal with a variety of themes, from superhero action films to dark comedies, politics, etc. Over the years, he has worked on films that were big blockbusters, and he continues to work on films that have a very psychological realism to them. But today, after its development, it has come a long way in the Hollywood industry. Now it’s time to talk about Christian Bale’s best films during his years in Hollywood.

Trevor Resnick on Machinist

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This is perhaps one of the most difficult roles Bale has had to play. Trevor’s character was very strange, as he suffers from insomnia, causing him to lose a lot of weight and suffer from malnutrition, while having premonitions and flashbacks of some of his horrible memories. Bale was so committed to his role as a method actor that he lost more than 40 pounds for the role. Bale put himself on a crazy calorie deficit diet. To meet the minimum requirements, he ate two apples, a cup of black coffee and a can of tuna every day. That said, Bale would never eat for the role. This is a movie you have to see.

Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

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Again, a role that amazed the audience and made Christian the star he is today. Patrick Bateman was one of the most psychologically fascinating roles for Bale, as he plays a wealthy investment banker, but one plagued by an unstable temperament and jealousy that could turn him into a serial killer.

While working on the role, Bale was so convincing as the character that he adopted a fitness routine that didn’t feel like he was preparing for the film. He even put on an American accent, convincing some people that he was American. At the end of the film, however, he fell back on his usual British accent, leading one to believe he was preparing for the next film. Patrick Bateman is one of Bale’s most iconic characters on screen!

Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy

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We all knew that Bruce Wayne’s effigy would appear in the books sooner or later, as it is one of Batman’s most well-known and beloved roles. After Michael Keaton and George Clooney, Christian Bale is the most iconic Batman in film history.

Christian accurately conveys the seriousness and gravity of the character’s story. Bale had to undergo another intense workout. When Nolan first approached him for the role, he was shocked that Bale was so skinny and pale for the role of Trevor Resnick in The Machinist that he asked him how he was going to convince DC Comics to take on the role. Over time, Bale gained more physique and learned all the basic fight scenes from all the movies to play the role of Gotham’s eternal billionaire savior.

Dickie Eklund in thefighter plane

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The role, for which Bale won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, was unique. Bale plays a former boxer, now under the influence of drugs and women, who helps train his younger brother Micky Ward to make him the best boxer ever. Dickie himself was a former boxing champion, and now he wants to take the family name to the top.

Along with Mark Wahlberg, Bale’s role is one to keep an eye on, as the two actors come together as brothers on screen to bring the comedic and emotional story to life. It’s based on a real incident.

Ken Miles in a Ford V Ferrari

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This role is one of Christian Bale’s funniest and one of the cutest and most likable characters Bale has ever played on screen. Even though Bale is a bit disappointing in the film when he takes his place, this is still a masterpiece.

Bale plays Ken Miles, a race car driver who builds his life by building the fastest car for Ford Motors, and his girlfriend and great automotive engineer Carol Shelby. Together they build a car that is so fast that they try to win Le Mans 66, the biggest car race in the world at that time. The role of Carol Shelby is played by the popular Matt Damon.

Bale has been training hard for this film, as he just finished shooting Vice, in which he played Vice President Dick Cheney. For the role of Ken Miles, Bale lost 50 pounds. Matt Damon only accepted this film because he wanted to work alongside Christian Bale. When Damon Bale asked how he could have lost so much weight in six months, Bale said he didn’t eat. Matt was impressed with his discipline as a monk and tried to act like it!

Dick Cheney in Vice

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Perhaps Christian Bale’s most controversial role, it earned him headlines because it was the first time Bale played a real political figure who was present during the Bush administration. When Bale was preparing for the role, he decided not to gain weight or use prosthetics because he thought it would prevent him from playing the role. For inspiration, he turned to a youth actor he greatly admired, Gary Oldman, and followed his advice, as he also played Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

Bale asked Gary how he could gain weight for the role, and Oldman said it was prosthetics, to which Bale replied that it wouldn’t be fair to not gain weight and then play the role. And then there’s the story.

The film also stars Amy Adams as Lynn Cheney, Bale’s wife. Amy Adams and Christian Bale have collaborated on several projects, including The Fighter and American Hustle.

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Outside of the Dark Knight trilogy, there have been other instances where Christian Bale has collaborated with Christopher Nolan to create great works of art, and this film is one of them. This role is mentioned because the role of Alfred, played by Christian, is so iconic that he has become a fan favorite. Christian takes the place of a magician competing with another magician friend, his sidekick, namely Robert Anger. The role of Robert is played by none other than Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. They are joined in the film by Scarlett Johansson and Michael Caine in the lead roles. This film deserves to be on your list no matter what genre you love.Christian Bale has had the towering presence of a god almighty for many years. Last year was his first flip in roles, but he still manages to maintain the same intimidating aura despite his role in ‘American Hustle’ that has brought him back to the limelight. Last week, we shared our top 10 Christian Bale movies, which reached roughly half a million views, and today we want to share our top 7 films of Christian Bale that will melt your mind.. Read more about best christian bale performances and let us know what you think.

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