In its 25th year, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival brings to light a wealth of stories from around Asia and beyond. This week’s films are worth checking out–and some will even inspire you to get in touch with your own roots!

The “reel asian unsung voices” is a film festival that showcases the best of Asian cinema. The 25th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival will be taking place in Toronto, Canada from September 27 to October 7. It will feature 6 films you shouldn’t miss at the festival.


The 25th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival will take place from November 10th to November 19th, 2021, and here are six titles you should not miss.

– A Selection of Films –

1631565303_267_15-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-16th-Camera-JapanJunta Yamaguchi’s Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – Japan | 2021 – 70 minutes

On an average night, cafe owner Kato locks up shop, only to be disturbed by a voice from the television: his own voice, two minutes in the future. The night and time itself begin to unravel as Kato examines the bizarre incident. Kato’s friends and coworkers get engulfed in his time warp, with humorous, disastrous, and existential consequences.

The film, which was written and performed by members of the Kyoto-based Europe Kikaku theatre company, is a lean, DIY sci-fi that makes the most of its abilities, resources, and smarts, with lengthy takes, modest locales, and beautifully polished performances. But this isn’t a little undertaking. It’s an ambitious, mind-bending, and exhilarating voyage into the (very near) future. -Collier Aram Siu Wai

From November 10th through November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



1635422371_977_15-Peliculas-imperdibles-del-Asian-Film-Festival-Barcelona-%E2%80%93Jun Li’s Drifting – Hong Kong | 2021 – 112 minutes

Fai and his buddies are sleeping on the streets of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong’s poorest area, late at night. The cops show up unexpectedly and clean all their possessions, reducing their temporary houses to highway garbage. Fai takes the issue to court with the support of social worker Ms. Ho, while he and his pals struggle to find a new house.

Drifting, based on a real event from 2012, examines Hong Kong’s disparities and injustices. The film was shot during the 2019 demonstrations and has significant resonances with its social environment, although without openly discussing them. Drifting is a quietly seething picture about dispossession, justice, and the right to survive in an unlivable environment, featuring superb performances by Hong Kong performers young and old, including veteran actor Francis Ng and rising sensation Cecilia Choi. Ron Ma (Ron Ma)

From November 10th through November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



6-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-25th-Toronto-ReelChristopher Makoto Yogi’s I Was a Simple Man – USA | 2021 – 100 minutes

Masao, an ailing and old man with plenty of regrets, is nearing the end of his life on the rural North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. His family history, dreams, and mythology swirl around him like ghosts he takes with him in his dying days as he looks back. Meanwhile, I Was A Simple Man travels through pre-WWII rural settings, statehood, and a concrete-bound, modern Honolulu, echoing Hawaiian history in the twentieth century.

With I Was A Simple Man, Christopher Makoto Yogi ambitiously continues to reach for the place between the seen and unseen, the feelings deeply felt but left unsaid, and to chart changes over time, all told with sublime imagery and sound, with a deep connection to the land, sea, and sky of his hometown in Hawaii, following his atmospheric first feature, August at Akiko’s, and developed from his short film Obake (Ghosts), which screened at Reel Asian in 2012. – Collier Aram Siu Wai

From November 10th through November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



1631947665_823_15-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-23rd-Taipei-FilmChen Yu-My hsun’s Missing Valentine – Taiwan | 2021 – 119 minutes

Hsiao-chi has never been a typical young lady. She is constantly one step ahead of everyone else, possibly too quickly for her to form love bonds with anybody. Hsiao-chi is worried about not finding someone for Valentine’s Day. She goes to bed anticipating Valentine’s Day after she has found her ideal date. She does, however, wake up on February 15, much to her astonishment and despair. Maybe A-tai, the bus driver who is always a step behind everyone else, knows what happened on her Valentine’s Day.

This charming and touching love tale will transport you on a quest to rediscover Hsiao-lost chi’s Valentine’s Day. You’ll be pleasantly delighted by its fairytale-like method of unraveling a narrative about “poor timing” as you put the jigsaw together from the two separate views of Hsiao-chi and A-tai. You’ll wish the story would go a little longer thanks to a strong cast, including newbie Patty Lee. June Kim is a freelance writer.

Dates: From November 10th to November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



1633998996_401_21st-Kaohsiung-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Film-Recommendation-%E2%80%93Lee Seung-Three won’s Sister – South Korea | 2021 – 115 minutes

As a choirmaster and the wife of a prosperous man, Mi-yeon seemed to be enjoying the ideal life. Mi-yeon is irritated because her sisters Hee-sook and Mi-ok seem to be unhappy. But, hidden beneath her gorgeous face, Mi-yeon is also dealing with the three sisters’ common childhood trauma, which they have yet to overcome. The horrific truth bursts loose from its bubble on the day of their father’s birthday, causing chaos.

Three Sisters is an emotional rollercoaster that takes a look at modern Korean culture. Through the lives of three distinct persons, it critically examines how domestic abuse, childhood trauma, and socioeconomic position are both seen and missed. Mi-yeon is played by Moon So-ri, an award-winning actress and the film’s co-producer, in a rare and powerful female-led drama with a cathartic finale. June Kim is a freelance writer.

From November 10th through November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



1636496923_655_6-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-25th-Toronto-ReelChristopher Kahunahana’s Waikiki – USA | 2020 – 77 minutes

Even as a luau dancer, karaoke bar hostess, and elementary school Hawaiian-language teacher, Kea struggles to make ends meet. Kea inadvertently strikes a homeless guy with her vehicle after a heated dispute with her boyfriend. She chooses to take care of the unknown guy herself, rather than involving the police. Kea’s downward spiral starts to expose a deeply ingrained trauma from her background, even as she continues to battle with her own financial troubles and difficulty obtaining home. Her grip on the world around her deteriorates as her life spirals out of control. 

Christopher Kahunahana’s enthralling storyline goes beyond the world-famous namesake tourist spot, striking a style that may be unknown to those with just a passing familiarity with lovely Hawaii. The contrast of the latter against the cold concrete of looming and endless urban construction throws a critical eye on the gentrified waste of ecological ruin, structural poverty, and the lingering legacy of U.S. colonialism that haunts Kahunahana’s film’s faces and locations. Waikiki is an important addition to the increasing corpus of Native Hawaiian filmmaking. Kevin Lim (Kevin Lim)

From November 10th through November 19th, 2021, you may watch the film online.



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The “reel asian sponsors” is a film festival that takes place every year in Toronto. The 25th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival will be taking place from October 4-7, 2018. This year’s theme is “The World of Women”.

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