When it comes to comic book heroes, Loki is one of the most acclaimed characters in existence. He’s a God of Mischief and a master manipulator, but he’s also a cunning strategist, which makes him a great addition to a team of superheroes. He’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and has gathered a wide array of information over the years.

Loki has become a household name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the leader of the heroes who seek to protect New York City. His villainous ways are easy to see on the big screen, but did you know he actually has a heroic side?

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God of secrets and lies

Loki: I have a friend who believes in me. I have a brother I love. I’m alone and I don’t stay long in a box built for me. It’s all right, it’s all right. We’re going to keep these things. And as for the rest… let’s tell a different story. Let’s become something new.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #13

Loki is one of the most mysterious characters in Marvel. He always has a trick in his back pocket, a plan that seeps into his brain. You don’t want to betray your intentions by revealing your secrets. So what was Loki hiding in plain sight? We’ll find out.

#5 Revenge

Loki: Yes, I played the role of an underling, but I came up with the perfect plan to destroy all the champions of Midgard! And what have you achieved? Nothing! There is nothing that the God of Evil cannot do more quickly and efficiently.

Act of Vengeance Omnibus

Every superhero has a small army of supervillains and criminals that he fights on a regular basis. Some villains move away to become the archenemy of another hero, but most stay with the same enemy. Loki’s fifth secret is the story of how he got everyone to change dance partners.

A mysterious man has organized a meeting between the main forces of the supervillain community. Smaller threats like Kingpin and Wizard sit alongside Red Skull, Magneto and Dr. Doom. The man convinced them that the only way to wipe out the superhero community was to unite all the villains and use different enemies against the heroes.

The villains have launched an attack on the heroes. Lower assassination teams have been trying to take out the Fantastic Four. Ultron went after the much weaker Daredevil. The confusion put the heroes in a difficult position, as they had to fight villains they did not know and against whom they had no experience.

Fortunately, the problem with all the bad leaders combined is that they don’t get along. Many of them tried to dominate their rivals, and Magneto even went so far as to try to kill the Red Skull for being a Nazi. Through constant infiltration, the heroes were able to survive the attacks and expose Loki’s plan. Despite the final battle, he was defeated and the supervillain community was divided.

#4 Rebirth

Ikol: I’ll be damned. You will all go to hell.

Journey to the mystery #645

Sometimes you have to take the secret to the grave. But that doesn’t mean it stays where it is. The fourth secret of Loki is that he still exists, even though he is dead.

Just before the siege, Loki realized he had become predictable. Loki convinced Hela, the goddess of death, to let him reincarnate instead of being brought back to the next death. He is killed soon after by another villain and reborn as a young Frenchman with amnesia named Serrur.

Eventually Thor found Serrur and got some of his memories back. Serrur was appalled by his past and the fact that he was an enemy of Thor, whom he admired. He decided to become a hero, Kid Loki, in hopes of no longer being a villain.

Kid Loki was soon confronted by the spirit of the old Loki, who claimed that his death and rebirth were part of a plan. He tried to take possession of the reborn Loki, but was defeated and locked in a magpie. Little Loki used his magic to make the spirit serve him by calling him Ikol.

Kid Loki’s time ended when the demon Nightmare tricked him into creating an artifact, the Crown of Fear. The crown will give Nightmare the power to conquer the world. The only way to stop it is to let Ikol Kid rule over Loki and never retroactively make the crown. The two melted together, and Kid Loki’s experiences and insights made the lamented Ikol a better person. Little Loki is dead. Long live Loki.

#3 Select Loki

Loki: America, if I were your president, I would have the courage to lie to your face. And you’ll love it.

Choose Loki.

Not all of Loki’s secrets carry malice and darkness. Armies of supervillains and juggling multiple incarnations of yourself are interesting, but sometimes the villain just needs a little cheating. What better way to get the presidential nomination than to appoint the God of Ignorance?

Loki stopped HYDRA from attacking a political rally in an election year. The show and the manipulation interest him and he decides to join the race. Normally, Norse gods don’t run for president, but the merger between Loki and Ikol took place in the United States, so Loki is technically an American citizen.

Loki was for honesty and transparency, without lying to his constituents. He was constantly embroiled in scandals, but managed to turn them into positive press. He constantly mocked his opponents, whether they were other candidates or troublesome journalists. Loki’s campaign, initially seen as a novelty, grows into a seemingly invincible behemoth. Why does this sound so familiar?

There’s more to this story. Check out our list of the top 5 superhero presidents.

#2 King Loki

King Loki: Here’s why. Because I tried to change… and I did. And it didn’t matter. Because even if the God of lies isn’t the God of evil… he’s still the God of lies. And that’s all we’ll ever be! A liar in the land of truth! A liar in a world full of honest people! Never accepted! They won’t let me in! NONE OF THEM!

Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

Many people live in the present, but sometimes your future can be your worst enemy. Loki’s penultimate secret is his greatest enemy, King Loki.

After merging with Kid Loki, Ikol tried to become a different person. He became an anti-hero, involved in espionage and missions for Asgard, but also trying to connect with humanity. All these distractions were to prevent him from becoming the vain tyrant he was. But in one timeline, Loki failed miserably.

Loki tried to become more than the God of Misfortune, but the Asgardians did not believe he could change. He eventually gives up and resumes his role, calling himself King Loki. The Mad King plunged headlong into his plans and eventually led humanity to destruction, destroying most of the universe.

King Loki traveled back in time to break Loki’s spirit and convince him of his inevitability. He also attacked Thor several times and tried to seduce his hated brother. Ironically, King Loki died while helping Thor defeat an all-powerful villain named Gorr, the murder god, and sacrificed his life to bring the Earth’s sun back to life.

#1 Destiny

1 : This is your moment of fire. Your probation. When the storm is upon us and all is dark. Pull yourself together, God of lies. Do not be worthy of your brother’s strength, but of your own. Remember. Remember what a lie is.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #11

There are many secrets of Loki, but even he didn’t know our number one secret at first. I don’t want to spoil, but it’s very easy for a liar to deceive himself.

Loki collapsed. Despite all the good he did, despite all the missions he accomplished, everyone still saw him as a bad guy. The words of his future self and the guilt of killing Loki ate at him. The only thing that kept Loki sane was the support of Thor and a human friend, Verity.

As the Marvel universe begins to crumble leading up to Secret Wars, King Loki and Hela embark on Ragnarok to save the Asgardians. Loki fought their army to protect his home, but he was pushed to his limits. King Loki and the spirit of the child Loki appeared and tried to bring him to the final decision: Embrace oblivion like the Kid, or become the Mad King, the God of Lies.

All seemed lost until Verity asked what the God of Lies was. Loki realized that the lie was just a story. Loki accepted the incarnations of the King and Child as part of himself, allowing him to move on and become the God of Stories. Loki turned Asgard into a fairy tale, knowing he could retell it if the universe stuck around to bring him back. Then Loki and Verity went into the future, not waiting for things to go right.

What’s your favorite Loki secret? Is there a better one than this? Tell us about it in the comments.

Image: Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the Marvel Studios movie LOKI exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. (c) Marvel Studios 2020. All rights reserved

Jared Bunakos has been writing since 2016.Loki of Norse mythology was a trickster god, known for his mischievous nature. He was the god of mischief, mischief, and mischief, and his mischievous nature led him to trouble with the other gods, which ultimately led to his imprisonment. Loki is an amusing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly in the Thor films. In Thor: Ragnarok, he returns as the main antagonist, and Thor’s brother. In the movie, he plays a major role, and his mischief is a plot point, and he is going to be making an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Loki possesses a number of superpowers, including teleportation, shape-shifting, and energy projection.. Read more about is loki, the god of lightning and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loki god of mischief?

Loki is not a god, but he is the son of a god. He is also known as the trickster and the shape-shifter.

What is Loki’s backstory?

Loki is the son of a frost giant and a giantess. He was born with the ability to change his shape, and he has been known to take on many forms throughout history.

What is Loki’s IQ?

Loki’s IQ is unknown.

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