Shania Twain

Such a beautiful wedding dress! This simple yet elegant wedding dress was worn by Shania Twain when she married Frederick Thiebo in Puerto Rico in 2011. This strapless dress is slightly enhanced by the addition of a black ribbon over the waist to enhance the contrast. We also like that she bought this dress in a shop in Switzerland, there are no tailors! Thanks for keeping him with the real Shania! Shania Twain

Maria Carey

Often with fashion and especially wedding dresses less obvious more. Layers and folds are not always needed to create a view that stands out from the crowd. That’s why we chose this dress Mariah Carey was wearing. This wedding dress is without doubt the favorite wedding dress of the star. This simple, elegant and flattering white dress makes Maria Carey look like a queen on her special day. We are sure many other people are inspired by this dress! Mariah Carey

Megan Markle

A real princess. Megan Markle married Prince Harry in Windsor, England, where millions of people around the world watch television. People waited patiently to look at Megan’s dress, and it seems that opinions were divided. Some people thought the Givenchy dress was too sober, while most people absolutely fell in love with a sober and chic design. A classic dress decorated with a diamond-studded tiara, borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II. Meghan Markle

Eva Longoria

This desperate housewife actress needed something special for her Mexican wedding to her husband, Jose Pepe Antonio Baston, and we think she managed to make this beautiful strapless dress. Very different from the usual fairy tale dresses with large skirts and chic veils. Designed by her best friend Victoria Beckham, this dress is simple and elegant and is a sensation for Eva. Then… something completely different you’ve never seen before! Eva Longoria

Kaylie Cuoco

The star of the big bang theory is a wedding dream in her Reem Acra dress.  The dress was made to order and lasted over 400 hours – now it’s haute couture! Kaylie married Carl Cook, who is a horse in 2018. This is the second time wedding bells are ringing for Kaylie, who was married to Ryan Swing. The installation fits perfectly with her dress, the off-beat and dreamy style of the barn ensures extreme comfort for the couple and guests. By the end of the evening she was dressed in lace. Kaylie Cuoco

Kate Middleton

The dress they’re still talking about! Kate Middleton marries Prince William on the 29th. April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. A ceremony so beautiful that the whole world held its breath to see what Kate was wearing and was not disappointed by Alexander McQueen’s beautiful design. The lace combined with the embroidery and a very fine V-neck make this wedding dress will be remembered forever. Don’t make me start with the beautiful dress… They want it! Kate Middleton

Pippa Middleton

Everyone remembers what Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and some even saw her live on television. But do any of you remember what your sister Pippa was wearing on her wedding day? It turns out that Pippa is clearly following in her sister’s footsteps when it comes to style. The fabric is not only breathtaking, but the dress also fits like a dream. Classic dress custom made for an elegant lady. We are sure there have been many orders for similar women afterwards! Pippa Middleton

Pamela Anderson

At the age of 52, Pamela Anderson began a new chapter in her life. The ex-Baywatch bomber has just cut the knot for the fifth time, this time with hairdresser John Peters. The newlyweds exchanged their vows at the beginning of Monday, more than 30 years after their first date. The Canadian actress has previously married rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She married twice to a professional poker player, Rick Salomon. Her last boyfriend was French football star Adil Rami, with whom she lived in France for a while. Pamela Anderson

Miranda Kerr

Oh, wow… This wedding dress, that’s it! When Miranda Kerr married Evan Spiegel’s SEO Snapchat at her home in California, one can imagine that the fashion world was suffocated when she saw this vintage dress by Dior Haute Couture. Designed by Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Curie, it is not difficult to see the resemblance to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress from another era. One can only dream of such an elegant dress. …seriously! Miranda Kerr

Chrissy Tigen

When strangers wear large wedding dresses, they usually look like something that should be on top of the cake. Chrissy’s different. When Chrissy Tigan was killed on the 14th… When she married singer-songwriter John Legend in September 2013, she was fully enlightened by this beautiful wedding dress designed by Vera Wang. What can we say? The chic style was perfect for her, and the couple looked great as they walked hand in hand down the aisle. Although we’d like to know what shoes she was wearing! Chrissy Teigen

Kate Upton

The most important aspect of a wedding dress is not really the design. It may sound crazy, but the design means nothing if the fit is wrong. So, the most important aspect of designing a wedding dress actually fits… and the boy made this beautiful wedding dress that fits Kate Upton beautifully. Such a luxurious, modest and chic design, but at the same time truly unforgettable. Kate wore this Valentine’s Day dress when she married Justin Verlander of Houston Astros, while wearing a classic tuxedo that completed the picture perfectly. Kate Upton

Maria Menunos

Mary and Ceven Undergaro met for twenty years before they decided to make the pact for life. When they finally got married, although they didn’t do it halfway, they decided to do it in public. Actually, it’s very public… …live from Fox New Year’s Eve! It was not for nothing that Maria wore a beautifully embroidered lace dress, which was made of heavy fabric. Not only did she look good, but she also had to endure the freezing cold of winter to take her vows in New York! Maria Menounos

Angelina Jolie

We all remember Angelina Jolie’s iconic dress, which was decorated with drawings of her own children. The actress was absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day, as the shocking divorce with Brad Pitt unfortunately reminds us. His unique dress was designed by the legendary tailor from Versace’s workshop, Luigi Massey. Luigi selected the drawings of Angelina’s children and stuck them by hand on the back of the dress and on the veil. In general, a beautiful dress will always be one of the most memorable dresses in history and certainly the most moving. Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke our hearts when they divorced after years of love for Hollywood. These rare photos show the married couple as they were married on Saturday November 29th. July 2000 posed for photos. They were married in an intimate ceremony in Malibu, California, and Jennifer was absolutely gorgeous. She chose a simple but beautiful one, and we will always consider her a fashion icon. Jennifer Aniston

Samira Wiley

This must be one of our most popular celebrity wedding dresses! You recognize Samira Wiley from the popular American television series Orange is the new black, but you may not understand that his wife is also from this series… Samira is married to the writer and old partner, Lauren Morelli. Both brides wore simple but great outfits designed by Christian Syriano and we are sure you will agree that both were equally great. Samira Wiley

Nicky Hilton

This beautiful lace bridal gown is reminiscent of the famous Kate Middleton dress with high collar and fitted cut. This dress was designed and worn by Valentino when Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild tied a knot at Kensington Palace. Is this your favorite dress? For something less traditional, read on. You’d be surprised Kate Moss and Megan chose Fox for their wedding. Nicky Hilton

Emily Rataikovsky

Emily and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard are married in a surprise ceremony, just to be alone with their best friends. She was wearing a Zara mustard suit and a hat. She never wanted a white dress with an inscription on it: I’ve never had the idea of wearing white at a wedding because I’m not a beautiful woman. Emily went on: I am a woman of great character, experience and life. First I wanted to wear red… and then I liked mustard yellow and I knew it was. Emily Ratajkowski

Cathy Holmes

A little help here, because these guys are obviously not together anymore, but look how cute Katie’s wedding dress is! For a different reason than the other dresses in this article, it was one of the brightest. What makes this outfit so special is a spectacular veil… Look how it’s running down his back! Interesting design features like these can often make or break an outfit. Wait till you see Anne Hathaway’s unusual accessory! Katie Holmes

Sofia Vergara

Well, that’s a very special dress! Sofia Vergara is absolutely sure that this is a custom-made dress from Zuhair Murad haute couture, and we are sure that her husband Joe Manganiello was completely enchanted when he saw his future wife. This dress is by no means traditional. The thick fabric gives it a completely different look, but it’s perfect for a superstar! Can you guess which of the famous Hollywood writers and producers wore a short wedding dress on their special day? Sofia Vergara

Anne Hathaway

Actress Anna Hathaway, known for her unique sense of style, did not disappoint on her wedding day! The actress wore a beautiful wedding dress, also designed by Valentino – it seems to be the first choice of the A-list celebrities! The vintage dress is made of different layers and pleats to make the most romantic wedding dress we have ever seen! Anna finished the dress with a very unusual, elegant and whimsical headdress. Anne Hathaway

Olivia Palermo

We don’t know anyone who could get married in a cashmere sweater and look good, but Olivia Palermo did and looks worried! The New York fashion icon and her friend Johannes Huble tied a knot in this unusual three-piece outfit by Carolina Herrera, consisting of a light sweater, white shorts and a floating skirt in satin and silk tulle. The whole outfit was donated by a modern ballerina you can’t live without. Olivia Palermo

Agnes Dane

When the famous model Agyness Deyn married Joel McAndrew’s boyfriend in Brooklyn Heights, New York, the whole fashion world remained silent. This fashionable model, widely known for her short, light blonde hair, surprised guests with an ultra-feminine floating tulle dress, definitely vintage in the Baby Jane style. Joel was just as pretty in a white suit and moccasins… …you could say his marriage was fantastic. Agyness Deyn

Serena Williams

When Serena Williams married Alexis Oganian, co-founder of Reddit, she wore this spectacular dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (who was also responsible for Kate Middleton’s iconic dress). Serena told Vogue magazine that she didn’t expect to choose such a dress, but when she met the stylist, she immediately fell in love with the style and especially the silhouette of the ball gown. We think the tennis superstar in that dress looked like a real fairy princess. Serena Williams

Amal Clooney

Amal Alamuddin Clooney was absolutely stunning when he married the world’s most eligible bachelor, George Clooney. At a fantastic wedding in Venice, Italy, Clary didn’t look so spectacular because she had said yes. She had a long list of stylists hoping to dress the bride, but she chose one of the greatest designers: Oscar de la Renta. Amal is not only known for her very elegant style, but also for her flawed work as a human rights lawyer. Amal Clooney

Disposal of poppy seeds

Such an unusual but elegant choice. London model Poppy Delevinne married James Cook in this beautiful custom made Chanel wedding dress. This dress, which differs from the traditional fabulous silhouette, is strongly inspired by the 1930s in its shape, but will set accents with small embroidered flowers and a simple veil from the 60s and 70s. Read on to see what Megan Fox’s dress looks like compared to other celebrities. At the end of this article you will certainly see wedding dresses in a different light! Poppy Delevingne

Kaylie Cuoco

While most celebrities follow traditions and marry in white, there are also people who go off the beaten track and do their work. Kaylie Cuoco is one of those ladies! We love the pink wedding dress she wore when she married Ryan Sweeting in 2013. Designed by Vera Wang, this amazing dress is made with several layers of tulle to create the perfect fantastic look that so many people want for their own wedding. Kaylie Cuoco

Alicia case

Such a beautiful celebrity wedding! When Alicia Keys married the Swiss Bitz, they left for Corsica. Alicia and her partner looked great on the beach, and we love their choice of clothes. Alicia kissed her child with a flash of her wrist and chose a Greek theme with silk curtains and an elegant diamond headdress to complete the picture and give it the important style of the Alicia Keys. Her flowers have also made a great contribution to her appearance with the beautiful purple lilies that have been used for her bouquet. Affaire Alicia

Nikki Reed

There’s nothing in this picture we don’t like. Installation, steam and equipment – everything is absolutely perfect! We really love lace wedding gowns, and this is part of all the important design features for a successful look. This dress is specially designed for the environment and is lightweight. No need to wear a heavy and warm dress in the sun! Are you ever gonna get married in a short dress? Read on to find out who did it! Nikki Reed

Kate Moss

Without a doubt, Kate Moss is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. So it’s no exaggeration to say that everyone in the fashion world (and probably everyone) was eager to see what Kate would wear on her wedding day with musician Jamie Hince. This beautiful and elegant dress had a vintage style from the 1930’s with fantastic elements coming from an absolutely stunning veil. The dress was designed by John Galliano and is one of our favourites. Kate Moss

Kim Kardashian

Most people probably expected Kim Kardashian to wear something more monstrous or perhaps more revealing when she married Kanye West, but this beautiful dress is nothing less than magical. Designed by Givenchy, this classic wedding dress is modest with lace sleeves at the front and low back to show off Kim’s jealous curves. The couple got married in Florence in 2014. Read on for more luxury celebrities… Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

We couldn’t help but thank Kim Kardashian once again for her beautiful choice of wedding dress. You can see her first wedding dress here and how different it was from Kanye’s. This body dress fits Kim like a glove, but retains its elegance and timeless look. This popular fishtail silhouette became a popular wedding style after Kim wore it, and it’s easy to see why. Kim Kardashian

Sofia Coppola

This dress, which keeps most of your readers completely separate. While some will praise Sophia’s courage and, let’s face it, her unusual choice. Others will wonder why she chose to wear it… …different and short! Designed by Azzedin Alaya, this bespoke short lavender dress caused a sensation when Sofia Coppola married Thomas Mars in 2011. Is that the kind of wedding dress you’re gonna wear? We personally think she made a bold and elegant choice. Sofia Coppola


Another fantastic dress that is completely inspired, this time designed by Roberto Cavalli’s Creative Director, Peter Dundas. Chiara wore this wedding dress when she married NFL star Russell Wilson at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. Yeah, you heard right… They’re married in the castle! And what could be better than to show off that Disney dress with its surprisingly long sleeves and lace corsage. But not everyone on this list chose the traditional variant… Read on to see who’s wearing the short dress! Ciara

Amy Schumer

A new love… Amy Schumer and Chris Fisher first worked together earlier this year, on July 13th. February 2018, married. We think she looks great in this embroidered lace and tulle wedding dress. Lightweight, ultra-feminine and floating, this dress looks perfect for a wedding in Malibu, California. What better way to celebrate the day in the sun in absolutely fantastic surroundings. We like that she equipped them with these umbrellas too! Amy Schumer

Megan Fox

For some reason we expected something different from Megan Fox, but we were not disappointed in her choice of a wedding dress. A category A actress married Brian Austin Green in 2010 in a very private ceremony in Hawaii. In fact, only two of them were present at the wedding on the beach, Brian’s son and a priest! The simple but dramatic Armani silk dress with a 16-foot train was absolutely gorgeous on the beach. Read on to find out what other celebrities are doing against tradition… Megan Fox

Shanina Shaik

This dress is again one of our favorite dresses! Australian model Shanina Shaik married Gregory Andrews in a lace dress specially designed by Ralph & Russo for her wedding on the beach with a certain theme.  This lace dress also had an elegant and vintage look and fitted the model like a dream. Because it was also a wedding on the beach, the model managed to wear dirty hair on the beach and make it super stylish at the same time. Shanina Shaik

Know Solange

Solange married music video director Alana Ferguson in 2014. It is common knowledge that she has travelled less this way. So don’t be surprised that she had to change her outfit three times on the day of her big departure. She started in Stephan Rolland’s jumpsuit, tied a knot in a simple white dress that Humberto Leon had designed for Kenzo, and then returned in another Stephan Rolland jumpsuit for the evening celebration. Impressed by his efforts? We still have a lot to do, so keep scrolling! Solange Knowles

Kiera Knightley

It’s not every day you can say that your wedding dress is designed by the legendary and legendary Karl Lagerfeld, unless your name is Keira Knightley. The British actress wore a knee-high number of red Chanel to her knees, accompanied by floral shoes. As we all know, Kiera is not afraid to make fashionable statements from time to time and has been seen several times in her wedding dress. That’s what we applaud. Well done, Kiera. Keira Knightley

Victoria Beckham

You know you can always count on Victoria Beckham to bring fashion and drama to everything she does, and on her wedding day it was no different. It may have been July 1999, but the WB appeared in Vera Wang’s dress, and she was serious. To spice things up a bit (pun intended), the happy couple put on their purple suits later that evening. There were rumors that she might have been the designer of Megan Markle’s dress, but she wasn’t. Victoria Beckham

Lauren Conrad

You may know Lauren from that reality show in the hills, but she’s been a parachutist ever since. On her wedding day she wore a Bjli-Mishka dress with long sleeves at the last moment. Their train was three meters long and both have pink gold wedding rings to match Lauren’s wedding ring. Please tell me that her husband gave her an apple medallion with part of the menu ripped off on her first date. Actually, we’re melting. Lauren Conrad

Cristina Ricci

Christina made headlines in her beautiful Ricardo Tischy haute couture dress when she married James Hurdegan. The dress is made of white silk tulle with dramatic details such as sculpted shoulders, a high collar and a very long dramatic train. It was also detailed with Chantilly lace applications and satin edging. Your only regret? His dog Karen was unable to attend this moment. Christina Ricci

Kelly Clarkson

Finding Kelly’s dress wasn’t an easy task. When she first went to Vera Wang’s house, she was halfway there and felt like a cave woman. In her own words, she was simply disgusted that her friend accompanying her was sick, so she wasn’t at all sure she could come back. She finally chose a bohemian dress by Alice Temperley, which exudes elegance and carelessness, Kelly. We think she looked like a bohemian goddess. Kelly Clarkson

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff walked down the aisle in a Vera Wang dress and brought women all over the world to have clothes made to measure. As for the details of her dress, Hilary wanted to distance herself from the perfect figure by saying: In this dress, I feel like a princess. I really wanted something that was deconstructed, not perfect, primitive and right. Her dream wedding was celebrated for 100 guests with a cake covered in oil and fresh flowers. Hilary Duff

Pink Leslie

Well, this is definitely the wedding of the year for all Game of Thrones fans. The couple, who spread their novel all over the driveway to the screen, looked incredibly happy on the big day. Leslie wears a flawless wedding dress with an embroidered body and lace sleeves. Their beautiful red castles were accentuated by a crown of flowers and a veil. They kept the traditional things, both for the dress and for the engagement, which was officially announced in the Times. Rose Leslie

Iman Channel

As Chanel Iman walked down the aisle to meet her future husband, Sterling Shepherd, she beat the guests with her Zuhair Murad wedding dress. Red sleeveless dress with low neckline in combination with lace details. Mom walked her down the aisle in a light pink suit that matched Chanel’s dress perfectly. Later she put on another dress by Zuhair Murad, this time in pink gold. Are you impressed? We’re not surprised, but you could be if we opened some of your favorite celebrity dresses. Chanel Iman

Emmy Rossum

Now she’s a woman who knows what she wants. She immediately recognized that it was Caroline Herrera who could make her dreams of a wedding dress come true. Her dress was impeccable and modern, with a Guggenheim uniform on the body. I came in and Mrs. Herrera and I were talking about silhouettes. I knew I was getting married at the temple and the reception would be at the Guggenheim, so we knew it had to be a dress that could bear it. Emmy Rossum

Grimes tyres

You know Stern 90210 never played by the rules, and the statement she made in her wedding dress only proves it. Seriously, the woman wore black to her own wedding. She prepared them all by telling the audience that their marriage wouldn’t be too much and that everything would happen the same way. Well, she wasn’t lying. Sheena herself has gone from actress to designer, so we’re looking forward to what she has to offer. Shenae Grimes

Trojan Bellisario

Apart from the fact that these two were present at the royal wedding, the star married the little liar Patrick J. Jones. Adams, the man on the screen is none other than Megan Markle himself. Bellisario found what she was looking for in the Cortana 2017 wedding collection, dressed in a full tutu skirt and a corset of cotton tulle and silk organza. She crowned it all with a golden crown and looked at each part of the princess. Do you like it? We still have a lot of work to do, so hang in there. Troian Bellisario

Whitney Port

City star Whitney Port chose for her wedding in the tropical desert for a totally fashionable view. Le Port collaborated with the Ashi studio to develop their application for a high bridal gown with botanical alloy embroidery and the illusion of long sleeves. Doesn’t she look like a Disney princess? I think these legs help a little. Speaking of royal families, take a look at the next page of the QUEEN. Whitney Port

Margo Robbie

It hasn’t been easy. The only photos of the wedding were given to the press.
Although only the upper part of her dress is visible, she found a beautiful lace dress on her shoulder. Rumor has it it was originally her mother’s dress and it was made for Margot’s wedding. Our next bride is probably planning an exciting evening in her diary: Margot Robbie

Gwen Stephanie

The singer of the popular American band No Doubt, Gwen Stephanie, shone before her marriage in 2002, before anyone knew the term shady. John Galliano’s white-pink dress was everything the little hearts of fate wanted in the ’90s. They exchanged marriage vows with the designer for 150 of their closest family and friends and said Gwen was clearly suffocating in her emotions. She cried, he cried, and the dog cried! It was a perfect combination of tradition and his individual style. Gwen Stefani

Rene Zellweger

Among the most memorable wedding gowns designed by Caroline Herrera are those of Idina Menzel and Jessica Simpson. We have to forget that the other actress who received luxury treatment from Herrera was René Zellweger.
The star of the newspaper, Brigitte Jones, wore her colorful dress in 2005 and many guests admired the minimalist fashion of her dress. Renee Zellweger

Gisele cuff

At her wedding Gisele Bundchen was raised in a long white strapless lace dress with a long train. The highlight of the wedding photo was a veil embroidered with white flowers. On the photo published by the model, we see on the church wall a very personal and warm message Share the Light, symbol of their relationship. Gisele Bundchen

Christine Aguilera

When she married Jordan Bratman in 2005, Christian Aguilera wore a beautiful dress in Spanish style, designed by Christian Lacroix. The dress had a pleated train that kept running, and although the body of the dress was very simple, the train more than made up for it. In addition to her original Lacroix, Christina also wore jewellery and white flowers in her hair, which really brought it all together. She spent $2 million on a wedding, over $30,000 of which was for a dress. Christina Aguilera

Gabrielle’s Union

Gabrielle Union stayed on screen for a long time, when she was beautiful without effort. The famous actress had another vision when she married Duane Wade in 2014.
It was the second wedding of the Bad Boys II star, and she wanted to customize Dennis Basso. Dwayne was already the father of three children at Gabrielle’s wedding, and the newlyweds decided to walk down the aisle with her stepsons. Gabrielle Union

Portia de Rossi

For her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres in 2008 Portia de Rossi decided to wear a light pink tulle dress by Zack Posen. Your new wife, Ellen, has chosen a thinner white suit. These two people have been married for eleven years and are still a good example of the rights of homosexuals. After that, many gay marriages took place, which proves that a new way of life should have stayed here. Portia de Rossi

Diana Agron

They say your wedding dress should only be yours. They also say you have to respect your budget and keep it under control. Apparently Diana Agron didn’t get that note. The Glee actress was lit up in Valentino’s dress, which earned her $20,500. We’ll wait till you get your jaw off the ground. Of course she looked great in a naked tulle dress with a high neckline, gathered body and long sleeves. The celebrations took place in the desert of Morocco. We’re incredibly jealous. Diana Agron

Jennifer Lawrence

The star of the Hunger Games and her husband, director of the Cook Maroney Gallery, have decided to organize a mystical wedding at Bellecour Castle in Newport, Rhode Island. The wedding took place only a year after the couple’s first date. Grazia Chiuri, straight from Dior, has designed a captivating dress for her official ambassador. Jennifer looked beautiful in her delicate A-line dress. Jennifer Lawrence

Miranda Lambert

The Nashville star surprised his fans by posting photos of his secret wedding to police officer Brendan McLaughlin on Instagram in February 2019. She chose a mermaid costume that is very different from the one she wore at her wedding with Blake Shelton. The smiles on the couple’s faces were enough to convince the fans that they were made for each other. Miranda Lambert

Rivera Shiki

When Jenny Rivera’s eldest daughter announced her marriage to Lorenzo Mendez, everyone wanted to see what she had prepared. Shiki chose Martin Zepeda as designer. He decided to emphasize his curves with a pipe dress that opened directly on his thighs. Chiquis looked beautiful in a handmade dress in delicate Italian silk with floral appliqués. Chiquis Rivera

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Six months after the actor of the Guardians of the Galaxy announced his engagement to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, the couple married on September 8. June 2019. Katherine Schwarzenegger looked beautiful in two dresses from the Giorgio Armani Private Collection. The reception took place under strict surveillance in Montecito, California, a few days before the release of Lego 2 : The second part. Chris Pratt

Elvis Durand

Weddings with extraterrestrial parties? When Elvis Durand married Alex Carr, the host of The Morning Show, he was definitely one of them. The Lovers of Love got married on Saturday afternoon, the 14th. September, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after ten years of advertising. The event attracted 330 guests to the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Elvis Duran

Guests attending the wedding described it as the fair of their lives.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz introduced Da Carl Gluesman with the blessings of her famous parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bona and her stepfather Jason Momoah. There was nothing but glitter and fun at the wedding, where Kravitz’s label was signed. Zoe Kravitz picked out two great dresses. The first is inspired by a ballerina and the second by a dress up to the ankle, designed by Alexander Van. Zoya Kravitz

Jake Paul-Tana Monjo

YouTube Jake Paul dropped people off when he announced his marriage to Tana Monjo after meeting her for five weeks. The ceremony, worth half a million dollars, is called the strangest wedding of the year. The couple decided to marry in shock between friends and acquaintances in the graffiti villa in Las Vegas. Tanya was wearing a tight lace dress. Jake Paul-Tana Mongo

Miley Cyrus

The marriage of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is as controversial as the words of the bride. The couple lived a romance of passion and divorce for 10 years. In 2019 the couple held a closed ceremony. Miley chose a silk dress in the style of Vivienne Westwood’s vintage design. Unlike many celebrities, Miley has made her official wedding photos available on her Instagram account. Майли Сайрус

Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Beale told Elle magazine about her wedding dress on her special day with Justin Timberlake: I wanted the dress to be very romantic and soft and have a shape that I seldom wear. I’ve never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, at least not for me. Valli] imagined the same fabric in fuchsia and pink overalls for a dress from the latest collection, and I asked him if he could design the same pattern in white overalls, and he suggested pink. Jessica Biel

Sophie Turner

After the marriage of Sansa Stark and Joe Jonas in Las Vegas, the party as experienced by Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra still awaits its time. Within a few months family and friends from the South of France came together for a second marriage. Sophie wore a beautiful V-shaped dress with embroidered flowers in tulle and silk gauze, designed by Nicolas Gesquier for the official ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Sophie Turner

Half Leigh Nell-Petersburg

Miss Universe 2017 Half-Lay Nel-Peters and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow signed the pact for life not so long ago. During the 30-minute ceremony they exchanged written vows to each other. The traditional ceremony contained elements of American and South African culture and tradition. The colourful palace was white, gold, green and black. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Erica Men

TV star and singer Erika Mena is married, you guessed it – the singer and TV star Safari Samuels at the end of October. Judging by the pictures, the couple seemed to share, it was a pretty generous event! Guests say more than 40,000 red roses were imported from Argentina for the event. The bride was dressed in a beautiful white dress, which was even embellished with embroidery in memory of her deceased father. In her Instagram article she told her fans that she cried as soon as she saw the dress. The couple also wore 48-carat diamond rings, but that’s a different story.

Erica Mena

Whitney Gates

Before she officially got married, reality TV star Whitney Thor announced that she was going to marry her boyfriend Chase Severino. In this season of his TV show, the hit TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we take a more intimate look at his life, including the beginning of his love story. In the last season of the show we had to choose a wedding dress in her style when she almost married him. We are wondering what dress she will wear and we will definitely improve it! Whitney Thore

Hayley Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin secretly married in a court of law in 2018. In 2019 the lovebirds celebrated with their family and friends the great event they had dreamed of visiting the whole Belibra region. The wedding took place near Palmetto Bluff and was held in two chapels where the bride was dressed in four beautiful gowns by Vivienne Westwood, Ralph and Rousseau and Vera Wang. Hailey Baldwin

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