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Bloomhouse’s proposal for 2020 is a new edition (a remake) of the 1970s that hit the Fantasy Islands. While I agree that Michael Pena is not a suitable replacement for Ricardo Montalbana (and before I go any further, I have to admit that he loves the first and second actors), I don’t understand all the hatred for this film, as Stephen Bishop’s character in The Rundown says why all this hostile brother.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow and written by Gillian Jacobs, Christopher Roach has a horror motif directed by Fantasy Island. To be honest, when looking at the old reruns of the series, there were a lot of fantasies that were a bit on the edge. И… Some of them were totally creepy. I just don’t want it to be a problem anymore.

With the brilliant Maggie Q, capable but visible on Lucy Hale, the cold but creative Portia Double and the beautiful Fitz-Henley Paris, and two brilliant cameos of the versatile Michael Rooker and the villainous Kim Coates (and many other actors this critic has never heard of), the film works well. The look and feel of the original TV show lacks the timeless elegance that characterizes Montalban’s vision of Roarca.

(review) Welcome to Fantastic Island!

Another big change is the house. I’ve seen the original of the series. It’s in an arboretum in Los Angeles and looks exactly like the TV series. At least in 1977). The new one seems to be mainly CG and consists of a real floor. Although there is something to see, it lacks the style of the original, which is located in Arcadia, California.

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Original house on Fantasy Island, Arcadia, California, Arboretum Los Angeles.

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The film starts with a blonde (Doubleday, better known as Mr. Robot), followed by a group of masked people.  Then we meet the guests, all five of us, although two of them share the same fantasy. The film also introduces Roark’s assistant, and we continue with a long and scattered part of several scripts.

Modern accents, such as the addition of mobile phones and the Internet, do not so much detract from the lack of elegance of this new Roark’s imagination. To be honest, there weren’t many actors who could have taken Montalban’s place. (An actor who could not only be as supernatural, friendly, and cultivated as Roark, but who could also chew landscapes like no other Khan in Star Trek or Khan Wrath).


Some things work. For example, the use of television stars in key roles, Hale; Pretty Little Liars, Doubleay: Mr. Robot, Rucker, Dead Man Walking, for instance. This reinforces the feeling that he can be part of the original show in an alternative universe. Even the main plot with all its holes is so simplified that you feel like the first cousin of an elongated series.

To be honest I have to say that the worst thing about the whole movie is its resemblance to the Fantastic Island cartoon in terms of plot. For those who have never seen the Duffy Duck film, the power of the island is a fountain of desire. Not far from the power of Bloomhouse and its islands.

We miss Tatu and his little screaming boss! Airplane! Airplane! But there is a nice twist to all the above complaints, and every fantasy ends up in the style of Gene Levitt, not too complicated, but a bit darker than a TV show.

It’s not deep and it’s not too impressive. However, it is an entertaining way to spend an hour and forty minutes. I would give 3.5 stars of 5, if only because the choice of the Penya was so bad. He’s a very talented actor, but he’s not Mr. Roark.

(Review) Good value for six dollars rent and the price of microwave popcorn and cola.

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