Here are the 20 most popular orange-haired anime characters.

The “orange hair anime girls” is a list of 20 most popular orange-haired anime characters. The ranking is based on the number of followers, likes and views.

When you speak about orange hair in real life, you’re referring to folks with red or ginger hair. Because natural colors don’t occur in such distinct hues, this color isn’t actually orange in the classic sense. In the realm of anime and manga, on the other hand, orange hair is common, and although there are tints, certain characters are unmistakably orange.

We’ll compile a list of the 20 finest orange-haired anime characters we can think of in this post. We’ll use a variety of sources and rate them according to their popularity and overall degree of greatness. The roster will be rather wide, with characters from a variety of brands and genres included.

Anime Characters with Orange Hair

20. Itori


Tokyo Ghoul is a franchise based in Japan.

Yomo and Uta’s old acquaintance who, like the latter, is a member of the Pierrots. She is a slim lady with long red hair who manages the Helter Skelter, a bar in the 14th arrondissement where she and her associates often congregate. She seems to be a nice and chatty person who enjoys having fun and cracking jokes at first, but this is really a front for a vicious and manipulative side.

Itori, like her classmates, likes causing havoc and damage. She is a lady who has no qualms about deceiving and using people, thus she pushes Kaneki to investigate the Restaurant in return for information on Rize, knowing well well that he would be murdered.

Petra Ral, 19


Attack on Titan (franchise)

Rivaille’s squad member and a Research Corps soldier. Petra is a small woman with golden-brown hair who is extremely nice and attentive to her companions, particularly her Eren, whom she often supports and complements; the same youngster discloses that Petra killed ten giants and assisted in the downing of another forty-eight.

Petra had a few quarrels with Oruo because she imitates Captain Rivaille in a terrible manner. Petra admires and respects Captain Rivaille, as seen by her desire to constantly be near him and her excitement when Rivaille recognized her qualities and welcomed her into his crew. He is killed when Annie is attacked by a female giant, who slams her against a tree and kills her.

Ronald Knox, age 18


Black Butler (franchise)

He is a subordinate of Grell, whom he refers to as “senpai,” and is a younger shinigami than the Crusaders. He, like the latter, is easily relaxed about his profession, albeit he is more serious about it than Grell. Despite his inability to keep track of time, he gets the task done swiftly. To William’s chagrin, he has a policy of never working overtime.

Ronald is a night owl who likes flirting with women (and potentially boys, according to his Character Song.). His approach has an odd edge to it, which makes his courting efforts amusing. He enjoys boasting about his many conquests and dates, but he isn’t particularly good at it.

Chiho Sasaki (nineteen)


The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a franchise.

Sadao’s friend and coworker at MgRonald, Chiho, is a high school student for whom she has affections. Chiho is a typical small adolescent with a very chubby form that is admired by many and coveted by others, particularly Emi.

Because of a communication spell that unintentionally targeted her instead of Emi, she can hear and comprehend Ente Isla’s language. The spell targeted individuals who were continuously thinking about Sadao. She eventually learns how to utilize the Idea Link spell to inform others if she is still in danger.

16. King


Seven Deadly Sins (franchise)

From the Seven Deadly Sins, King is the Grizzly Bear of Sloth. Harlequin is his true name, and he is the Third Fairy King, tasked with guarding the Fairy Forest. The Chastiefol Spiritual Lance is his Sacred Treasure, which he employs in combination with his Magic Ability, Disaster. He is also Ellaine’s elder brother, the Holy Guardian of the Fountain of Youth, as well as Diane’s comrade and Clan of the Giants member’s lover.

15. Discomfort (Nagato)


Naruto is a Japanese manga series.

The Akatsuki organization’s official leader is Pain (although it is unofficially Tobi, who is the co-founder, who pulls the strings). After a time of civil conflict, he unites up with Konan and sits in the secret town of Soul that he governs. The word Pain refers to a collection of six separate bodies (avatars) controlled remotely by Nagato Uzumaki (a former student of Jiraiya).

Nagato is Pain’s 7th Corps, according to Konan. Tendô, Chikushodô, Jigokudô, Shuradô, Gakidô, Ningendô, and Gedô, of which Nagato is the body, are the avatars that make up Pain. It should be noted, however, that Nagato prefers to engage with people via the Tendô avatar.

Chuuya Nakahara is 14 years old.


Bungo Stray Dogs is a franchise.

He is a former partner of Dazai and a captain in the Port Mafia. “For Sorrowful Sorrow” (Yogoretsu Chimatsuta Kanashimi ni) is his power, which enables him to change the vector of gravity (or even weightlessness) as well as the force of items with whom he is physically in touch. He is a little man who dislikes being chastised, particularly if it comes from Dazai. When he learned that Dazai had quit the Port Mafia, he celebrated by cracking open a bottle of Chateau Pétrus ’89.

Chiyo Sakura is 13 years old.


Nozaki-kun, Nozaki-kun, Nozaki-kun, Nozaki-kun, No

Chiyo Sakura is a lovely high school girl in love with Nozaki, but she messed up her confession and ended up becoming his admirer and later his helper. She assists Nozaki with the inking of his designs. She attends the school’s arts club and is in class 2-A. She has a petite stature and her hair is adorned with two enormous red ribbons with white polka dots (these ribbons are collected by Nozaki for the heroine of his manga).

Yotsuba Nakano is 12 years old.


Quintuplets Quintuplets Quintuplets Quintuplets Quintuplets Quintuplets Quintuplets Quin

A green ribbon in the form of rabbit ears is worn by the fourth squared sister. She is always happy and sociable, as well as a good sportswoman, yet her ever-changing demeanor might irritate others. On school exams, she often receives zeros. His acts usually imply either a total lack of thinking or intricate, subconscious planning far beyond what other characters may comprehend.

She is the only one who accepts Ftar as her instructor right away. She is constantly supportive of and concerned about others, particularly her sisters and Futaro. She also has a horrible tendency of prioritizing others’ needs before her own. Ftar is referred to as “Uesugi-san” by her.

Nishiki Nishio (Nishiki Nishio) (Nishiki Nishio


Tokyo Ghoul is a franchise based in Japan.

Rize Kamishiro has taken over Nishiki Nishio’s traditional hunting grounds. He is a second-year pharmacy student at Kamii University and the lover of a human named Kimi Nishino. After being seriously wounded in a battle with Ken Kaneki, he is taken to the Antique by the latter, where he works as a waiter and becomes Ken’s buddy. He is dubbed the Serpent by the CCG in Tokyo Ghoul: re, and he makes his presence known by murdering other ghouls and obtaining information from them.

The Hirako Squad has him as a target, as he has Torso as a target for unclear reasons. He is beaten while battling Haise Sasaki before mentioning anything about Ken Kaneki, which would cause issues for Haise. He joined Ken Kaneki’s newly created Black Goat group and started living in the 24th arrondissement after disembarking on Rushima Island.

Rangiku Matsumoto (#10)


Bleach (franchise)

She is the 10th division’s lieutenant. She is a stunning red-haired lady with a powerful breast that she flaunts with cleavages and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt in order to attain her goals (see the landing of the Hitsugaya team at Ichigo).

She loves booze and would do everything to avoid having to work. She is Gin’s childhood buddy, and she seems to have reciprocal affections for him. They’d been living together since Gin discovered her unconscious in Rukongai.

Escanor is number nine.


Seven Deadly Sins (franchise)

Escanor was the Lion of Pride of the Seven Deadly Sins, the former Second Prince of the Kingdom of Castellio, and the “strongest” Human in Britannia, according to the Sacred Knights of the Kingdom of Liones. His Sacred Treasure was the Divine Ax Rhitta, and his Magical Ability was Sunshine, which made him famed for acquiring enormous strength during the day and gradually weakening as the Sun set, leaving him vulnerable and humbled at night. At noon, he becomes indestructible for a minute, even outperforming Meliodas at his peak.

Soryu Asuka Langley No. 8


Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese anime franchise.

She was chosen as the Second Children 9, and she piloted the EVA-02 unit. Her background is half American, one-quarter German, and one-quarter Japanese, and she is the daughter of Kyôko Langley Zeppelin and an unknown father. She grew up in Germany and graduated from university at the age of fourteen. Asuka is a proud, assertive, and seemingly self-assured young lady. She looks down on others around her and is always looking for a way to be the center of attention.

Itsuka Kend is number seven.


My Hero Academia is a video game franchise created by My Hero Academia.

She is the delegate for class 1-B. A kind, smart, and compassionate orange-haired young lady. She has no rivalry with the kids in class 1-A, unlike many other students in her class; on the contrary, she respects them and will even protect them when Monoma annoys them. Her students see her as an elder sister because of her maturity and responsibility.

Her Quirk is called “Big Hands,” and it enables her to substantially expand the size and strength of her hands in order to hold huge things or throw more forceful punches, as the name implies. She had a close bond with Yaoyorozu since he helped her with her training, despite his desire to defeat her.

Sora Takenouchi is number six on the list.


Digimon (franchise)

Biyomon is her Digimon companion, and Love is her emblem. In the original version, Sora is ten years old. Tai Kamiya’s closest buddy who also happens to be a soccer player. Because to Tai’s naivety, she takes her own safety into her own hands, despite being a tomboy. In the DigiDestined group, Sora is the voice of reason. The fact that she is a tomboy caused some friction with her strict mother, who wanted Sora to give up football and pursue a career in flower art. Fortunately, Biyomon is able to bring Sora back to his mother. Sora’s father is often unavailable.

5. Nami


One Piece (franchise)

Nami’s character is 18 years old at the start of the narrative. She works as a pickpocket. She can instantly perceive changes in the weather like a sailor. She directs and signals the moves to be conducted on the boat, in addition to the decision of direction handed to Luffy. Nami’s head is worth 16 million Berrys after the Water Seven / Enies Lobby storyline.

The climate baton and the more potent climate strategy magic are her weapons. Her charm helps her to persuade Sanji to follow her to the wand. She is the crew’s treasurer, and she administers the funds in a self-serving manner, handing out absurd amounts to the other members while demanding outrageous interest. The mere mention of the name Berry inspires her to do anything.

4. Misty


Pokémon is a video game franchise.

For the first five seasons, she is a member of the main group, alternating with Brock and Ash. She returns to the Cerulean Gym in Season 6 to lead it instead of her sisters, who are on a global vacation. The little lady has resolved to pursue Ash until he compensates her for the bicycle that Pikachu has wrecked. But, eventually, she forgets about this and resolves to travel with Ash across Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Archipelago in order to perfect her knowledge and become a Master of Water-type Pokémon.

Orihime Inoue is number three on the list.


Bleach (franchise)

Orihime Inoue is a high school student who is an orphan. When her elder brother ran away from home, he took her with him. Their mother worked as a prostitute, and their father was often unavailable. They were 18 and 3 years old, respectively. So he was the one who brought her up. He died, though, three years before the series began. Inoue is a lovely person by nature, but she has a tendency to let herself down.

2. Emma


The Promised Neverland franchise

The Promised Neverland’s key character. She has exceptional physical and cognitive ability. She is one of three youngsters that received a perfect score on the daily tests (300 points). Emma realizes that the young girl has neglected her pet rabbit after the “adoption” of Conny, another orphanage kid, and resolves to deliver it to her before she goes. Despite the fact that it is illegal, she will persuade Norman to travel to the location of his departure, which is outside the orphanage’s portal. They eventually discover the truth.

Kurosaki, Ichigo


Bleach (franchise)

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of Bleach. He is a Fullbring who transforms into a replacement Shinigami before becoming Zangetsu’s guard (in the shape of his Bankai) thanks to his Zanpakuto. When in the shape of the Bankai, the spiritual force from which this guard is generated is the same hue as his Getsugatensho.

The “anime boy with orange hair and brown eyes” is a character from the anime series “Naruto”. In this article, we will be ranking the 20 most popular orange-haired characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some orange haired anime characters?

A: Orange haired anime characters are the most common type of hair color. Some popular orange-haired examples include Shinobu Oshino, Kurapika, and Gaara.

What anime has a girl with orange hair?

A: The anime Yuri on Ice has a girl with orange hair.

Who is the red haired anime guy?

CARDI B? A: The red haired guy is the character Yuuki.

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