For those who haven’t seen the anime, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular series in recent years. The story follows a group of people living behind walls to protect themselves from giant humanoid creatures called Titans that eat humans for sport.

The anime similar to attack on titan reddit is a list of anime that are like Attack On Titan.

One of the greatest anime series of all time is Attack on Titan. It’s the ideal anime for dark fantasy anime fans, with plenty of action-packed episodes. After seeing the Titans demolish his village and devour his mother, Eren Yeager vows to rid the world of the gigantic humanoid monsters known as Titans. 

The anime series is now in its last season, with the second half of the fourth season set to premiere in January 2022. Honestly, I can’t wait, despite the fact that the series’ inevitable conclusion is approaching. So the search for an anime that can match the delights of AOT has started.

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of 20 of the greatest dark fantasy anime, such as Attack On Titan, that I think you should watch. They vow to provide that tint of suspense and a dash of gore that we all like. 



This series is set in a medieval world where the people living on an island were tormented by Youma, shapeshifting monsters who murder and feed on humans. Claymores, silver-eyed female warriors, have been entrusted with annihilating them. 

Clare, a claymore seeking revenge on a specific Youma, is at the center of the tale. She travels with Raki, a kid whose life she rescued from a Youma, and the two battle monsters together.

This anime promises to be the most elegant experience you’ll ever have. Also, Claymore’s storyline is extremely enthralling to watch, and you’ll never forget about it.


Shinichi Izumi, a 17-year-old adolescent, is the protagonist of Parasyte, a film about worm-like extraterrestrial beings known as Parasites. These entities infiltrate their host’s mind in order to exert control over it. Furthermore, they are enraged creatures with a voracious appetite for human flesh.

He is only partly infected, but he develops a close connection with his parasite, Migi. After discovering Shinichi’s brain is still intact, both humans and parasytes work together to survive the other parasytes that attack them regularly.

This animation will undoubtedly blow your mind, particularly if you are new to anime.

You will not be disappointed if you watch this.


Dororo is a great anime to watch if you like a mix of samurai, swordsmanship, and gore. Hyakkimaru, a young Ronin who was born deformed, limbless, and without facial characteristics, is the protagonist of this anime. As he gets older, he embarks on a never-ending journey to reclaim his missing organs from the demons who were sacrificed to them by his father. 

He’s joined by Dororo, a human who lost both of her parents during the battle. The pair travels from town to town, battling demons and forging deep bonds with one another. 

This animation depicts the incredible power that comes from working together, as well as the fact that with self-belief, you can overcome any barrier.


Let us discuss the ideal combination of psychological thrillers, romance, and action. Yukiteru Amano spends much of his time in this classic keeping a journal on his smartphone and chatting with his legendary friends. As a result, the god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, and his servant, Murmur, disclose their real selves to him. 

Deus offers Yukiteru a “Random diary,” which displays and explains upcoming events in a random order. Nonetheless, He pits him against 11 other owners of similarly powerful future diaries in a deadly combat royale. As Deus’s form deteriorates, they will announce the winner, who will become the new god of time and space. 

Yukiteru must locate and murder the other 11 journal owners in order to live. Despite this, he joins up with Yuno Gasai, a strange female who is infatuated with him and has a journal of her own. They face up against their foes in a twisted battle for survival, but Yuno has other ideas.

This anime begins normally, but as it continues, it gets more unexpected. As a result, prepare to be entertained for the rest of your life.



Is it possible to discuss gore without mentioning vampires? There’s no way. Furthermore, no vampire story is complete without the legendary Alucard, a vampire who battles his kind. In Hellsing Ultimate, he works for Hellsing, a covert organization dedicated to eliminating vampires and other enemies that pose a threat to England. 

 Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who leads a powerful army devoted to the cause, is at the helm. She becomes a strong and fierce adversary, reigning over Hellsing, after taking over from her father, Abraham Van Hellsing. Nonetheless, the action-packed fierce combat sequences, not to mention the carnage, are really amazing.


The plot centers on a group of high school kids who find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It depicts kids and the school nurse attempting to escape the terrible global catastrophe known as “Outbreak.”

 They’ve battled both zombies and the danger of other human survivors throughout the tale. This anime is similar to a normal zombie film, but the action is incredible, and it elevates horror anime to new heights.


Imagine dying and then waking up in a game where you’re given weapons and a super-suit to battle aliens, with the risk of failing again. I realize this is insane. 

Kurono Kei, a high school student, is killed in a railway accident and wakes up in a building full of other “dead” people. He is also sent to exterminate aliens by a huge sphere. However, he finds himself in a situation that puts his talents, morality, and desire to live to the test.

However, as he attempts to survive this death game after seeing several of his friends perish, his whole view on life shifts. Yes, there is a lot of beheading and skulls exploding. 

BESERK (#13)

This anime, in my opinion, takes bloody baths much too seriously, and it is not suitable for children or the faint of heart.

Griffith, the commander of “The Band of the Hawk,” became one of the “God Hand” by sacrificing his people. Guts and his girlfriend, Casca, survived, but Casca became crazy as a result of her ordeal. 

As a result, Guts embarks on a mission to assassinate Griffith and his supporters.

This anime exemplifies the elegance of narrative, with its amazing storylines and twists. It also shows the realities of mental illness.



Everyone should be on their toes in a world where ghouls-human-like monsters that feast on human flesh are widespread. 

After surviving a ghoul assault, Kaneki Ken, a college student, finds himself trapped in an unending cycle of death as he transforms into a half-ghoul. In addition, to save his life, the ghoul’s organs were transplanted into him, resulting in his metamorphosis. 

He is now confronted with the task of living and attempting to merge his lives as a half ghoul and part human.

This anime has created a lot of noise in the anime world, with a lot of sales and great reviews. Tokyo Ghoul is an absolute must-see.


Giant Titans are terrible, but I’m afraid of giant alien bugs. Yuji Kaido finds himself in a planet ruled by weird gigantic bugs known as the “Blue.” However, this is after coming up after a 20-year slumber brought on by an incurable disease.

In this new planet, humans are no longer at the top of the food chain as bugs take control. Instead, mankind took refuge on a space station known as the “Second Earth,” which was created as a safe haven for people. 

Yuji is recruited as a soldier as the remaining humans go on a quest to reclaim home planet from the invaders. As a soldier, he sees unspeakable atrocities as he and the other survivors attempt to make sense of their post-apocalyptic situation.

This film depicts the incredible events that occur during times of adversity. Additionally, Blue Gender is a film that you should see.


Elfen Lied begins with Lucy, a Diclonii, a mutant monster that looks like a human, slaughtering her captives. All of this is in an attempt to free herself from her previous prison—an experimental facility. 

Lucy makes it out alive, but not without suffering injuries. Kouta and Yuka, two university students, come upon her washed up on a beach and offer to assist her. They had no idea, however, that the government was looking for the insane serial murderer they were assisting.


This anime, like AOT, portrays a civilisation hidden behind a huge wall constructed to keep the Kabane at bay. These, on the other hand, were creatures that sprang from a strange virus and tore the flesh of their victims. In addition, being bitten by one of these creatures transforms the victim into a Kabane. 

As time passes, Ikoma, a bright engineer, develops a weapon that he believes would be successful against the Kabane and waits for the chance to put it to the test. However, when Kabane finally overruns the city, Ikoma is bitten, and things don’t go as planned. However, his metamorphosis was insufficient, enabling him to become a hybrid.

 He then sets off with other survivors in search of safety, battling off hordes of Kabane along the way. This reminds me a lot of World War Z. 



Conny, Emma, and Norman learn the terrible reality after witnessing the death of their lover. They discover they aren’t at an orphanage, but rather are being raised as demon meat. As a result, with the help of Ray, they attempt to discover a method to escape with everyone. 

All the while, they’re trying to keep “Mother,” the children’s caregiver, from finding out. 

They learn a startling reality about their life after a sequence of incidents. This is something you’d like seeing.


The plot revolves on Light Yagami, a brilliant adolescent who discovers a “Death Note” belonging to Shinigami Ryuk. It has the magical power to murder anybody who has their name inscribed on its pages.

Light, now known as “Kira,” aspires to establish a new world free of “evil” individuals who use the death note. Instead, he conducts a global cleanse of individuals he considers to be immoral, such as criminals and terrorists.

Nonetheless, Kira is being pursued by an elite Japanese police task team headed by the mysterious investigator L. However, as events develop, Light and Detective L engage in a psychological war. 

Death Note is an anime that is ideal for fans of mystery, dark fantasy, and psychological thrillers.


Now, I’m not trying to choose winners, but this anime is really insane! The narrative twists, action, mystery, and, of course, the humor are all highlights of the film. And, of course, there’s Gore. 

Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse try human transformation in the hopes of resurrecting their mother, but they fail miserably. Edward loses his left leg in the process, while Alphonse loses his whole body. Edward, on the other hand, gives up his right arm to tie Alphonse’s soul to an armored suit. 

Edward becomes a State Alchemist with the title of Fullmetal Alchemist after repairing metal prosthetic limbs. The Elric brothers spend the following three years in pursuit of the legendary philosopher stone, which will aid them in achieving their objective. They, on the other hand, learn the truth about the rock and that the nation isn’t what it seems to be.


This one is really incredible. Apart from the great plot, the action and combat sequences are just incredible! Yuuji Itadori, a high school student, becomes involved in the realm of curses and magic in Jujutsu Kaisan. He becomes entangled with enigmatic creatures created by human hatred and negativity. 

As a result of a chain of circumstances, he finds himself as a host for Sukuna Ryoumen, the King of Curses. In addition, when he learns his powers, he becomes aware of the danger that these Curses provide to civilization.



With Demon Slayer, things become even better; this is my particular favorite. This anime is a genuine masterpiece, and it is a must-see. 

It follows Tanjiro as he joins the demon slayer corp, a group formed to combat the demon scourge. However, Mozan Kibutsuji, the first demon, ruthlessly murders his family and turns his sister, Nezuko, into a demon. Regardless, Nezuko acts and acts like a human, refusing to eat people. 

Tanjirou joins the Demon Slayers in order to discover a cure for his sister.

While eliminating the creatures that stand in his path, he meets new people and develops deep connections. He also swears to locate and murder Muzan Kibutsuji while also discovering the cure. 

I guarantee you’ll like this anime since the battle sequences and narrative are both fantastic. There are plenty of gory moments in this anime.


We haven’t finished dealing with enormous barriers or parasitic creatures yet. This time, mankind is compelled to shelter behind massive Varanium monolithic walls in order to avoid parasites known as “Gastrea.”

The phenomena of “Cursed Children” is caused by these parasites. These are female offspring with a virus in their body that gives them superhuman powers. The Tendo Civil Security also refers to them as Initiators, and they are assigned Promoters to defend them.

Rentar Satomi takes on the role of promoter and collaborates with Enju Aihara. Despite this, the pair is sent on missions to combat the Gastrea virus’s monsters and keep them at bay.


If you love tragedies as much as I do, I believe you will enjoy Akame ga kill. I’m presently watching it and haven’t been disappointed thus far.

Tatsumi and his companions depart with the goal of providing a better life for their hamlet while also helping their nation. He is separated from them during a bandit assault, and when he arrives to the capital, he is deceived. He is also taken in by a famous family, who offers to link him with the army. 

However, a gang of assassins known as the Night Raid kills the family and tells Tatsumi about their heinous crimes. He also finds the corpses of his pals, who have been tortured and abused by the same family. As a result, he joins the Night Raid, vowing to rid the metropolis of wicked thugs.

CASTLEVANIA is number one.


This film is about vampires and Alucard, but with a bit extra spice in the form of the notorious Dracula. In this series, Dracula is the first and most powerful vampire, complete with an enchanted castle. Don’t think I’ll forget about the vampire hunter, however, since this series includes them all.

Castlevania is an animated horror action-adventure film set in a dark fantasy Medieval Europe. It depicts Dracula’s love for a human, Lisa Tepes, who was charged with witchcraft and condemned to death. When Dracula learns of her death, he explodes with anger and gives the city one year to leave. 

However, they ignored his warnings, and Dracula dispatched his night monsters to take out the whole town a year later. 

The Belmont house’s Trevor Belmont meets Sypha Belnades, a lecturer and magician. Both are looking for Alucard, Dracula’s son, and Lisa Tepes. 

As a result, the three joins forces to put an end to the reign of horror that Dracula wishes to impose on the globe. And there was blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood,

The attack on titan recommendations is a list of 20 anime like Attack On Titan that you can’t skip.

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