Ever seen the show “Adventure Time”? If not, then you should check it out. It’s a cartoon about an 8-year old boy and his best friends-one of them being a sentient shape shifting dog with superpowers called Finn. The cast is full of interesting characters that are just as fun to watch in animated form as they are in real life! This article will rank 20 Adventure Time Characters from least favorite to most loved (according to me).

The “best adventure time characters ranker” is a website that ranks the 20 best Adventure Time characters. The website has images and descriptions of each character, so you know who you are voting for.

20 Best Adventure Time Characters Ranked (With Images)

Adventure Time is one of Cartoon Network’s most popular animated series. Its enduring popularity may be linked to its fantastical features, which adults and children equally enjoy. You’ll also like the creative freedom that Adventure Time provides. Of course, Adventure Time has some of the most memorable characters.

When it comes to Adventure Time, there are lots of characters that are instantly likable in this aspect. It’s natural for some of us to have favorites, and that’s understandable. We have, nevertheless, rated the top Adventure Time characters the program has to offer, regardless of our own inclinations.

The Top 10 Adventure Time Characters

Some individuals like Adventure Time because of the tale, fantastical themes, and beautiful artwork. The fact that Adventure Time has so many distinct unique characters is possibly the nicest part about it. Let’s take a look at some of the finest Adventure Time characters and how we rated them in that respect.

1. Gunter


In the realm of Ooo, the imaginary region where Adventure Time plays place, there are a variety of intriguing major and secondary characters. The most shocking aspect of this list is that a minor character is voted as the finest character in the whole Adventure Time franchise. But trust us when we say that everything will make sense.

Gunter is originally presented to us as one of the Ice King’s penguin mercenaries. He was basically a subordinate who performed nothing and never talked in the early episodes of the series. He was, however, clearly the Ice King’s favorite and was often the first penguin he blamed when anything went wrong.

When Marceline’s father came to visit and saw Gunter, he declared the penguin to be the most terrible creature he had ever seen. We first mistook it for a joke or a running gag. Gunter, on the other hand, is an evil cosmic creature who was brought to Ooo after being beaten by the hero Grob Gob Glob Grod. However, due to the planet’s gravity, he was forced to take on the appearance of a charming penguin, which we all like because of how unassuming he is throughout the whole series.

Jake the Dog is number two.


We’re not going to offer small characters the following few positions after rating a minor character as the greatest character in all of Adventure Time. As a result, we’ve given Jake the Dog, the series’ second main character, second place. While Jake isn’t the main character, there are plenty of things to like in him.

Finn’s adopted brother and constant companion in all of his escapades is Jake the Dog. Because of his calm demeanor and optimistic view on life, he is also one of the most likable characters in the series. Throughout the whole series, Jake nearly never loses his calm. Jake’s powers, of course, put him ahead of some of the other characters on this list.

Jake the Dog is a magical entity in the sense that he can expand his body and alter his size anytime he likes, despite the fact that he comes from a normal family of talking dogs. Consider Mr. Fantastic incarnated as a dog. Jake has shown to be a competent companion to Finn the Human thanks to his ability to adjust his size.

Marceline the Vampire is number three on the list.


It goes without saying that the land of Ooo is home to a variety of mystical and magical animals. That is why there are vampires that move about freely on the earth. Marceline the Vampire, who is also the queen of all vampires and the daughter of one of the most powerful animals in the whole series, is the best and most powerful vampire in the kingdom of Ooo.

Marceline was first introduced to Finn and Jake as a type of foe since she stole their treehouse and kicked the heroes in the process. Eventually, the two made friends with Marceline, who has shown to be more pleasant than you would expect. And since she became close to Finn and Jake, they were able to have a strictly platonic relationship.

When it comes to relationships, Marceline is rated so high because she crosses so many different lines. She’s a vampire, but she’s a lot gentler than the rest of the series’ characters. Furthermore, after courting Princess Bubblegum at the conclusion of the story, she is someone who defies gender norms.

4. BMO


BMO is one of the series’ most well-liked supporting characters. While he is not a sentient person in the traditional sense of the term, he is the third figure to live in the treehouse with Finn and Jake. While Finn and Jake regard BMO as if he were a buddy, he is really their television and video game system.

The fact that BMO is a fun-loving character is one of the reasons why he is one of the most popular characters in the series. He seems to be in a good mood virtually all of the time. That may be part of his programming, but it doesn’t change the fact that he always has a positive attitude when he’s around Finn and Jake.

Despite the fact that BMO seldom joins Finn and Jake on excursions and is virtually always in the treehouse, he plays a significant part in the story because of how helpful he is whenever Finn and Jake need him. The greatest part is that at the conclusion of the series, BMO is crowned King of Ooo, a title that only the kindest person in the kingdom is entitled to.

Finn the Human (number 5)


Of course, we must not overlook the series’ central figure. Finn the Human is the main character of Adventure Time and Jake the Dog’s adopted brother. Jake’s parents took him in as an orphaned infant because finding a human in the country of Ooo, which is said to be the Earth that was altered by a nuclear war that wiped out the human species a thousand years ago, was a rare occurrence.

As a result, Finn was thought to be the only person on the planet throughout the series until a colony of humans was located decades later. Despite the fact that Finn is just human and has any special abilities, he is unquestionably the hero of Ooo and is nearly always the first person people turn to when they want assistance.

The amazing thing about Finn is that, as heroic as he is, he did go through a significant character shift over the series. He came to realize that not every problem could be handled with a sword. Furthermore, given the lessons he acquired through his unsuccessful relationships with Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess, he finally learned how to better regulate his emotions.

Lumpy Space Princess is number six on the list.


Because of her sarcastic demeanor, Lumpy Space Princess, sometimes known as LSP by Finn the Human, is one of the most beloved princesses in all of Ooo. She doesn’t have a very endearing personality, but she is endearing because she injects a lot of comedy into her snarky and privileged demeanor. Furthermore, the voice acting for LSP is absolutely outstanding.

LSP is a self-centered and attention-seeking princess with a harsh disposition, and she is perhaps the second most popular princess after Princess Bubblegum. That would ordinarily put her towards the bottom of anyone’s favorite Adventure Time characters list. But it’s the fact that she’s spoilt and egotistical to the point of absurdity that makes her so hilarious.

Despite her self-centered nature, LSP has a decent side, as she is always willing to assist her pals when they are in need. We adore LSP for her snark and great voice acting, but she’s also a kind person on the inside, making her a full character who anybody can cheer for.

Flame Princess is number seven.


Adventure Time is a program that features a variety of princesses who rule over various realms. Because it is headed by a terrible monarch who lives on doing bad things, the Flame Kingdom is often regarded as one of Ooo’s most evil countries. This monarch, of course, has a daughter called Flame Princess, who will someday succeed to the kingdom.

Flame Princess was originally revealed as a potential love interest for Finn, and she is the main character’s second love interest. Flame Princess isn’t bad, but her fiery personality and anger cause her to make mistakes now and again. Despite this, she is a nice girl who is more than capable of kindness, particularly after Finn assisted her in changing her habits.

Flame Princess, on the other hand, had a running feud with Princess Bubblegum throughout the series. While Finn first assumed that their “feelings” for him were the source of their rivalry, the fact is that Princess Bubblegum was merely looking out for the human since she never really felt that Flame Princess was kind. Flame Princess, on the other hand, continuously demonstrates throughout the series that she is a wonderful person.

Princess Bubblegum (number 8)


Princess Bubblegum is the princess who most fully epitomizes what it means to be a princess in the world of Ooo. Because of her excellent personality and strong leadership qualities, even the other princesses look up to her. She is attractive, personable, and intelligent. She’s also a genius who’s been credited with developing a slew of useful items for the confectionery industry.

Princess Bubblegum was the first person Finn fell for in the story because of her intelligence and beauty. While PB, as Finn affectionately refers to her, stayed close to Finn throughout Adventure Time, it became clear that she could only be a friend to Finn. Despite this, she is one of the primary characters who often assists Finn and Jake on their travels.

Princess Bubblegum is another female character that defied gender conventions. She and Marceline had never gotten along in the past. They did, however, become great friends in the end. The princess of Candy Kingdom and the Vampire Queen finally began dating and were shown as a couple at the conclusion of the series, much to the surprise of many.

The Lich is number nine.


The Lich is the “final boss” in the Adventure Time series, despite the fact that he isn’t really the last boss. Despite this, he is one of the series’ greatest and deadliest adversaries, since he is the physical embodiment of all terrible in the universe.

The Lich is one of the most powerful characters in the story, having been born from a catalytic comet formed of pure evil. In terms of power, you might even argue he’s in the top three. He is, after all, the personification of evil, since he tries to destroy and murder everything in the planet.

The Lich, on the other hand, is a creature that thrives on death and devastation. Throughout the series, there is no logic, rationale, or history to what he does. In many ways, he’s just a jerk who wants to do the most awful things he can. That is why, in terms of villains, we consider him to be one of the best in the series.

Ice King is number ten.


Ice King, who wasn’t an opponent for a long time and is one of the most intricate characters in the whole series, is the most reoccurring antagonist throughout the entire series. And the thing is, he began off as a basic figure, but he grew into something rather sophisticated.

Ice King began as a villain who desired nothing more than to capture princesses all throughout Ooo in order to find a wife for himself. As a result, he was often at odds with Finn and Jake, who were always eager to dissuade him from doing foolish things simply to be married. However, we finally discover that Ice King was more than simply a typical evil.

Ice King was once a human scientist called Simon who developed a crown that gave him ice abilities. The crown, on the other hand, made him forget who he was, and as a result, he became Ice King. As we learn more about Simon, we are often given flashbacks from his past. And, towards the end, he was set free from the crown’s curse by a previous love.

Peppermint Butler (#11)


Peppermint Butler is a minor character that appears often in the Adventure Time series. He is Princess Bubblegum’s personal assistant, which explains why. As a result, Peppermint Butler is nearly always at her side whenever PB is there. While he began as a normal butler, we learned more about Peppermint Butler as the episode progressed.

Peppermint Butler seemed to be an ordinary butler with no mysteries at first. But, due of his capacity to do black magic, he finally exposed a darker side to his nature, which contrasted with Princess Bubblegum’s logical approach to problem-solving.

Regardless of his black magic abilities, Peppermint Butler has always been a humble and dedicated servant to his mistress. He is merely a quiet, meek, and good-hearted Candy Kingdom member. Consider him someone who might have chosen to be wicked but instead decided to be a decent person.

Prismo (nineteen)


Prismo should be in the top five of any ranking of the most powerful characters in the Adventure Time series since he is one of the most powerful creatures in the whole world of Ooo. That’s because he’s the Request Master, a being capable of granting practically any wish.

Prismo is a strong entity, yet he is essentially the incarnation of an elderly man sleeping. In some ways, he is the old man’s “dream,” and he will die if the old man dies. When the elderly guy awoke and was slain, that was what occurred. Because Prismo is a time-traveling entity, he was able to advise Jake on how to bring him back despite the fact that he was already “dead.”

When it came to Jake, Prismo was one of the many characters who was able to form a strong relationship with the dog. And it’s because he and Jake are so close that he’s such a likable figure. He may not have a significant part in the series, but his incredible bond with one of the show’s finest characters earns him a spot on our list.

Tree trunks, no. 13


At first glance, Tree Trunks does not seem to be a very interesting character since she appears to be much too basic to be liked. She is liked in the traditional sense since she seems to be a kind and innocent elderly woman. But it is the fact that she is more than that that makes her one of the most interesting characters in the novel.

Tree Trunks is really highly manipulative, to the point that she would take advantage of anybody who thinks of her as a kind old woman. She understands that because of her innocent appearance, people will not view her as a danger, but she isn’t frightened of manipulating others to obtain what she wants. And, nearly often, she gets away with it since no one suspects her of anything. 

Tree Trunks is one of the greatest and most interesting characters in Adventure Time since she is a manipulative woman lying behind the mask of a kind and innocent grandmother. Because of her allegedly multifaceted nature, she was able to turn a bland character into one that people wanted to learn more about.

Lemongrab 14


Another difficult character introduced to employ throughout Adventure Time is the Earl of Lemongrab. Princess Bubblegum’s technological ingenuity has brought him to life as an artificial creature. Princess Bubblegum, on the other hand, comes to regret her actions due to Lemongrab’s sour demeanor (pun intended).

In that regard, Lemongrab’s backstory is odd due to the fact that he is an artificial entity. People, on the other hand, seem to adore him. It might be because he is a misunderstood individual who is often mistaken for someone with a nasty personality. He might have a gloomy outlook on life, but he is more than that.

Lemongrab is one of the story’s most vocal characters, and it’s because he’s never worried about what other people think of him. As a result, he is one of the most memorable and endearing characters in the Adventure Time franchise.

15. Death


Death is often shown as an awful entity hellbent on murdering everything in the world in movies and television shows because that is exactly what he is. Death, on the other hand, is introduced in a unique way in Adventure Time since he is only an ordinary individual entrusted with transporting people to the afterlife.

Death is a strong character in Adventure Time who is capable of incredible exploits. He is not, however, liable for any deaths since his role is to merely transport them to the hereafter. And, although he doesn’t show it, he is the master of death since he has complete control over practically everything in Ooo, to the point that immortal creatures fear him.

Death, as strong as he is, is a gardener when he isn’t doing his duties as the guy who transports people to the hereafter. Even Death, despite being one of the most powerful entities on the planet, is terrified of the Lich, who is maybe more powerful than Death himself.

Hunson Abadeer, no. 16


Hunson Abadeer, the Lord of the Nightosphere, is undoubtedly the most powerful being in all of Ooo, and he is also one of the most powerful characters in the whole Adventure Time series. Consider him a deity of the underworld or anything along those lines. And he’s so strong that Finn won’t be able to stop him.

Hunson Abadeer is the father of Marceline the Vampire, as well as the Lord of the Nightosphere. Marceline was supposed to take over as the Nightosphere’s ruler, but the Vampire Queen refuses to do anything with the family company. This resulted in a fight between Hunson Abadeer and the Finn and Jake pair, who were trying to free Marceline from her father.

Hunson Abadeer is not only strong, but he is also deathless, which is a degree beyond immortality. He feeds on souls and may recreate himself at any time. And, speaking of sucking souls, he was one of the first to call attention to Gunter’s “secret,” revealing that the penguin had the most malignant soul he had ever met.

Lady Rainicorn, number seventeen


Lady Rainicorn is one of the most unusual and bizarre characters in the Adventure Time franchise. Lady Rainicorn speaks the Korean language, which some of the other characters can comprehend pretty effectively, in a program where people generally speak English and follow western customs and traditions.

Rainicorn and her family are Korean for no apparent reason, although it’s assumed that it was merely a creative decision by the show’s makers, who also picked a Korean as the character’s voice actor.

Lady Rainicorn is a unicorn and rainbow hybrid, as her name indicates. She is one of Princess Bubblegum’s closest pals and one of the show’s most prominent side characters. Rainicorn is also Jakes’ girlfriend throughout the episode, since the two ultimately married and produced some of the show’s strangest children.

Lady Rainicorn is one of the finest characters on the show because of her bright and pleasant demeanor, since she seldom gets angry or displays negative emotions. She’s also capable of a variety of abilities, including flight and phasing through materials. 

18. The Magician


Because no one understands precisely what he wants to achieve or why he wants to do the things he does, Magic Man is one of the most complicated characters in the whole Adventure Time series. He seems to be a guy who just wants to cause havoc throughout Ooo at first, but his past slowly exposes more about him and how he got to be who he is.

Magic Man used to be a renowned magician and scientist who lived on Mars hundreds of years before the events of the series. A magical accident, however, transformed him into a nihilistic guy who seems to have lost his mind and is more concerned with creating havoc. As a result, Grob Gob Glob Grod, his brother and the ruler of Mars, exiled him to Earth.

While Magic Man is a jerk, he is the kind of jerk you want to despise because of the way he creates mayhem at just the perfect moment, to the point where it can be rather amusing. He may be one of Adventure Time’s most frightening inventions, but he is also one of the finest characters the show has to offer.

Cinnamon Bun No. 19


Cinnamon Bun, a minor character, seems to be intriguing at first since he behaves as one of the most worthless characters in the whole program. He’s a half-baked character, according to Princess Bubblegum. And she has a point, since he is typically sloppy, dimwitted, and infantile. You may be asking why he’s on this list in the first place.

Cinnamon Bun, on the other hand, becomes one of the show’s bravest and most clever characters as you learn more about him, particularly after he’s completely cooked. As a result, he was able to demonstrate his worth as a character with depth and value. Despite how unintended his approach to comedy may be, he remains as witty and amusing as ever.

Susan Strong is number 20.


Susan Strong, the head of the Hyooman Tribe, lives in a realm full of supernatural people you’ve never heard of, and Finn first mistook her for a human like him. The Hyooman Tribe, on the other hand, are literally fish people with their gills covered. That is why, although they seem to be human, they are not.

Then there’s Susan Strong, who is an outlier among those individuals. Susan is a huge human with a muscular build similar to Finn’s. Furthermore, she differs from Finn in that she is unfamiliar with Ooo’s customs. As a result, she made friends with Finn and Jake, who taught her the English language as well as the numerous Ooo traditions.

Despite this, Susan Strong and the other Hyoomans attacked the Candy Kingdom. When she removed her headgear after the attack, it was discovered that she lacked gills, leading some to believe she was a genuine human. Later in the series, it was revealed that she is human, but that her cybernetic implant has turned her into a cyborg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most loved character in Adventure Time?

A: Finn.

Who is the strongest character in adventure?

A: This is an impossible question to answer. With so many different types of games, its difficult to compare one character in a specific game with another.

Who did Finn end up with?

A: In the future, Finn ended up with a female from his time.

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