In a world full of magic and mythical creatures, there are many different types of people that exist. Some can call forth spirits, some have special powers with weapons or even just their fists, while others use magic to summon beings from legend. In anime series such as Fate/Stay Night (Fate Zero) , these jobs serve as the backbone for the story and make it exciting each week to see what’s going on in this crazy world filled with powerful individuals.

“Fate strongest servant of each class” is a list ranking the 15 strongest Fate Servants from all the anime. The list ranks the servants by their strength and also includes some fun facts about them.

A Servant is a reincarnation of an ancient Heroic Spirit summoned by a Mage subsequently known as Master with the aid of Fuyuki’s Greater Grail to take part in the Holy Grail War in the Fate series. Mages summon Servants, who are very strong familiars described as “the most powerful entities.” Normally, a Mage cannot summon a more powerful familiar than himself, thus he must confine himself to little creatures that do basic duties for them. Servants, however, are an exception.

And it is precisely for this reason that we have compiled a list of the Fate series’ most powerful servants. We’ve chosen to go through the long list of known servants and choose the 15 most powerful. You’ll learn a little bit about them as well as when they originally emerged.

The Most Powerful Fate Servants

As previously stated, the list will include a total of 15 names from all orientations. Based on their fundamental strengths and abilities, they will be rated from 15th to 1st.

Shakespeare, William


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Despite the fact that he is a magician, he has limited magical abilities. He is completely defenseless in fight. His renown, on the other hand, has reached practically every corner of the globe, and the illusions generated by the “theatre group” are a sort of magic. While he is incapable of doing direct damage, he is ideal for spreading havoc and confusion, albeit he sometimes causes problems for his own teammates.

When it comes to empowering his master, he is the finest. According to him, the more personality his master has, the better his writing is. In other words, Shakespeare’s method of fighting in a Holy Grail War is to empower his master and have him fight as an assassin.

Of course, no matter how much he enhances his master, the odds of him beating a servant are exceedingly tiny – although it is reported that he could only do it once, during one of the Subspecies’ Holy Grail Wars.

Jack the Ripper (No. 14)


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

The mythology of Jack the Ripper has been passed down as a sign of insanity. As a result, “Jack” claims that the Berserker class is the only one that suits him well. Jack is a one-of-a-kind servant who has no idea who he is. As a result, he lacks a regular shape and interacts with his owner only via telepathy. Flat Escardos may feel the magical energy going to an unknown area via the command spells.

It’s a voice with no distinguishing qualities, making it hard to determine gender, age, or other profession-related traits that are generally disclosed by voice details.

It has the potential to take control of its master, and if it had been of a different class, it would have most certainly taken possession of Flat and massacred everyone in the region in a rage. Jack is taken aback that someone felt compelled to call him out, given that he lacks the might of a hero and the values of a person.

Vlad III (age 13)


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Elizabeth Báthory summoned Vlad III with the use of a portion of the Holy Grail she discovered in Orleans, and he meets Ritsuka’s group when they meet him. He responds to Kiyohime’s claim that no berserker compares to her in terms of grace and breeding by adding that none of them can return from the dreadful roads they’ve traveled.

As the monarch of a country, he appreciates the value of a feast, so he says it’s time to amuse the gathering. When the Romani Archaman refers to Vlad as the lone sensible person, Vlad is outraged and resolves to amuse the gathering with a blood dance.

He acknowledges that embroidery is his stronger suit and gives Mash a lesson so she may embellish Ritsuka’s clothing. He compliments Elizabeth for the event after the party kills his creatures, calling her one of the few slaves who can shamelessly disseminate such pleasant fantasies.

Medusa is number twelve.


Arrival: Fate/Stay the Night

Medusa was a terrifying Greek creature with a nest of deadly snakes for hair and eyes that turned everyone who came into contact with them to stone. Even in Japan, the myth of Perseus slaying Medusa is well-known. Rider is more akin to a heavenly spirit than a heroic spirit since she was born as an earth goddess. It’s preferable to refer to her as a “anti-hero who resembles a monster” rather than a real Divine Spirit.

Medusa isn’t a real Heroic Spirit, but she’s also not a true Anti-Hero. Rider is incompatible with Servants like C Chulainn, who battled monsters in their stories, since she had the Monster Attribute. She has a deep connection to Earth as a former Earth Goddess, and she is sensitive enough to detect disruptions in Fuyuki’s leyline.

Mordred (#11)


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Mordred has a B+ strength rating, an A endurance rating, a B agility rating, a B mana rating, and so on. All of her parameters are above C, with the exception of Luck. This is an excellent choice for her class. Her Strength is particularly impressive, since a plus is an uncommon modification that permits an instance’s value to be doubled.

Despite having the greatest parameters and attack power of her class, Mordred is unlikely to be defeated by another Servant. Mordred’s total numbers, however, are lower than those of her father, the King of Knights.

Gawain says that he can generally overcome Mordred without breaking a sweat, even at night, when he is three times weaker than at noon, when he is regarded King Arthur’s equal. Mordred is still a tremendously strong servant, since he boasts unrivaled strength while using an enormous amount of magical energy in the process.

Atalanta is number ten.


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Atalanta is a legendary huntress from Greek mythology who became renowned by being the first to hit the Calydonian boar with an arrow. She has impressively honed her talents, maybe owing to her latent gift, after being reared by a bear and eventually adopted by a hunter who moved to the mountains. As a result, Atalanta is the greatest huntress in Greek mythology.

She has learned the ways of the forest, can quickly travel it by jumping between branches, understands how to control wild creatures, and has the ability to blend in with the forest, readily vanishing from view of anybody actively observing her. Her senses are significantly more strong than others’, and she is more animal than human.

Lancelot (nine)


Fate/Zero is the first game in the Fate/Zero franchise.

Lancelot was born with a wide range of skills and abilities that elevated him from “highly specialized” to “totally exceptional.” Because of the remarkable achievements he achieved throughout his lifetime, the “Knight of the Lake” earned an enviable reputation.

For example, he used the sun’s strength to fight Gawain for many hours until he was wounded at dusk. Lancelot is therefore regarded as the most powerful of the Knights of the Round Table, and Gawain’s equal.

His most suited class as a heroic spirit is the Saber, but since he often went insane due to his struggles with Guinevere, he is particularly compatible with the Berserker class.

Despite the fact that his combat power as a Berserker is inferior to that of his Saber counterpart due to the sealing of some abilities and Noble Phantasms, his raw power is increased thanks to the Madness Enhancement, which increases his parameters by one rank in all stats except Luck and Magic Energy.

Frankenstein’s Monster (number 8)


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

The story of Frankenstein is a relatively new one. Despite the fact that her parameters have been enhanced by Mad Enhancement, nothing about her strikes out as being especially acceptable as a servant for Caules, who is unsuited as a master. Instead, her actual worth is based on a rare natural aptitude.

Darnic has minimal hopes for her in the Black Faction’s war strategy since she is a berserker who rages in rampage on the battlefield without obeying commands and finally falls.

He intends to use her to wreak havoc on the battlefield by timing the deployment of Caule’s command spells to confuse the Red Faction. She is often sluggish to respond in interpersonal situations, but in combat she demonstrates amazing quickness and tenacity; in Berserk mode, she follows commands to the letter.

7. Chulainn Chulainn Chulainn Chulainn Chulainn


Arrival: Fate/Stay the Night

Lancer’s A+ agility parameter exceeds that of his counterpart while being highly armored, likely owing to his “youthful mindset of pushing ahead” more than a difference in their physical ability.

He is a beast master, and he gets along especially well with dogs and Misaya’s familiars. He, like his counterpart, is a master of rune magic.

He shares Gae Bolg’s Noble Phantasm of being able to invert causality in order to administer an unavoidable strike to the heart, as well as an anti-army function. Misaya locked it in the prototype world because he believes that exposing such a technology so quickly lacks beauty.

As a result, he makes do with a green improvised spear. In the Great Orders, he has the same spear, but via Ascension, he regains the Gae Bolg.

Iskandar is number six.


Fate/Zero is the first game in the Fate/Zero franchise.

Iskandar, a heroic soul who has performed tremendous exploits throughout his life, is a top servant. He later becomes Saber’s opponent in the Fourth Grail War as a result of this fact and his demeanor. During the same conflict, Gilgamesh recognizes Rider as a worthy foe who ought to be fought with all his might.

He is supposed to be Altera’s equal, yet when they spar to warm up, he easily loses. In battle, Iskandar often employs his Noble Phantasm Gordius Wheel to trample adversaries with lightning strikes that create the same amount of magical energy as Artoria or Diarmuid would in a full-power assault.

It is strong enough to almost incapacitate Lancelot in one strike when used as a surprise attack, causing him to flee.

Iskandar slashes the air with his sword to call the chariot. Iskandar can also ride Bucephalus, his horse. Despite the fact that he seems to favor riding, Iskandar is not afraid to fight on foot, displaying incredible talents despite his preference for fighting on horseback.

5. Joan of Arc


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Jeanne D’Arc, the world’s most renowned female saint, left her town at the age of seventeen and was burnt at the stake two years later, forever changing history. She is the saint who, via a miracle military assault, rescued France, only to die tragically soon after. She may be summoned as a heroic spirit in the Ruler and Saber classes.

She is a particular Heroic Spirit called by the Holy Grail itself to function as a steward of the Grail War in the Ruler class. Any Servant in the Grail War may acquire her name and information, but the Sovereign’s knowledge is absolutely protected and contains numerous mysteries. Because of the previous ruler’s presence, certain of her powers are no longer functional during the Great Grail War.

She has a one-of-a-kind skill that enables her to scan a 10-kilometer radius around her location. With this scan, she can pinpoint the whereabouts of servants, even if the Assassins are able to hide their presence.

4. Astolfo (Astolfo Astolfo As


Fate/Apocrypha is the first game in the Fate/Apocrypha franchise.

Although Astolfo was one of Charlemagne’s twelve paladins, he was a “weak” knight with inferior talents to the others, and he is glorified in various stories as a result. While Astolfo is feeble, the various Noble Phantasms he has acquired (or borrowed) over his journeys are immensely strong, allowing him to be considered a true war hero.

In terms of strength and talent, Astolfo would be a second or third-rate heroic spirit if his Noble Phantasms were not taken into consideration.

Astolfo has a great degree of luck that isn’t simply for show; almost everything he tries works out favorably. He is a Heroic Spirit, unlike many other Servants, whose True Name has no inherent flaws when disclosed.

A sword and chainmail are Astolfo’s primary weapons. He carries a thin sword on his hip that isn’t a Noble Phantasm, but its sharpness is unmatched by other soldiers’ standard weapons. He did, however, give his sword to Sieg since he does not use it very frequently. In Sieg’s hands, the steel sword felt weighty.

3. Archer


Arrival: Fate/Stay the Night

EMIYA struck a deal with the “world” in order to become a hero capable of doing miracles. In exchange, he became a Counter Guardian after death, a defensive system that developed from humanity’s collective consciousness with the mission of preventing humanity’s self-destruction by murdering a few to rescue the rest. He cannot be regarded a true Heroic Spirit since his foundation is different from that of the other Heroic Spirits.

Despite the fact that he was a Knight of the Bow, he was a Magus rather than an Archer throughout his lifetime. His usual weapon, the bow, seems to be owing to his combat style finally settling on ranged shooting rather than his inherent power as a Heroic Spirit.

Gilgamesh 2


Arrival: Fate/Stay the Night

Gilgamesh is the lone “king of all heroes” in all of heaven and earth. He is more or less the same as his counterpart, albeit he has tweaked his regular talents and abilities to match the universe of EXTRA. Gilgamesh is unlike other Heroic Spirits in that he does not have a single class. His might was too great for the objective of “participation in the Holy Grail War of the Moon Cell.” He materialized as a Servant like other Heroic Spirits, but his power was too strong for the goal of “participating in the Holy Grail War of the Moon Cell.”

After repairing Gilgamesh, the Moon Cell resurrected him, but he was still uncontrollable, so the Moon Cell locked him away by sending him to the opposite side of the moon. The Moon Cell desired the “last surviving master” rather than the “strongest master.” If he had competed, it was considered that the winner would have been chosen from the start, therefore he was disqualified and imprisoned.

1. Artoria Pendragon, King


Arrival: Fate/Stay the Night

In the Age of Legends, Artoria Pendragon was the fabled monarch of knights who dominated the battlefields. She was the commander of the Knights of the Round Table throughout her lifetime, the best knights who ever lived and heroes immortalized in folklore. Each would brag of unquestionable splendor and might if recruited as slaves, but Artoria is the most powerful.

Despite the fact that Mordred is a top-tier Servant with Sabre-class abilities, Mordred’s overall capabilities pale in comparison to her father’s. The disparity between the two is so enormous that Gawain believes he can generally beat Mordred without breaking a sweat, even at night, when he is three times weaker than he is at noon, a position in which some regard him to be King Arthur’s equal.

Although Lancelot is known as the strongest knight of the Round Table, owing to his victory over Gawain after battling him for many hours in the sun until he was wounded at dusk, he believed that the monarch was indestructible and that size and appearance could not alter that.

While he argues that Morgan le Fay, a great witch who challenged Merlin, was a formidable ruler because she kept the supernatural power assumed to have died with King Uther, he also claims that she was just a minor stumbling block in the king’s journey.

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The “who is the strongest servant in fate/zero” is a question that has been asked many times. This article ranks the 15 strongest Fate Servants of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest servant in fate anime?

A: That is a difficult question to answer. You can find out by visiting the Fate wiki page for more information about it,

Who are the strongest fate servants?

A: Saber, Archer, and Lancer.

Who is the strongest summon in fate?

A: Your Servant is not in Fate/Grand Order yet.

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