The buzzwords: Faynor, J.R.R. Tolkien, Silmarillion.

As we prepared for the series ‘Lord of the Amazon Primary Rings’ we found it useful to look at some of the most epic characters who have lived in the Mediterranean. This list will refer to creatures that migrated across the Mediterranean Sea in the first, second and third centuries. Here is our true list of the most powerful, wise and influential characters (aka Celebrities) in the universe of Tolkien.

Some signs that were not on the list deserve a special mention. The brave hobbits, especially Frodo, are among the most sincere, tenacious and willing characters in history. Yet Frodo was chosen to wear the ring precisely because he was not conditionally strong, so even if they failed and the ring corrupted him, he could not do much damage. Most fairs are not included here, but their importance in the fairy tale is undeniable.

Here are the 15 famous characters of Midland Tolkien:

1. Aragorn

You can’t ignore Strider, the ranger from the north. Aragorn is one of the few representatives of the human race on this list. Aragorn deserves a place not only because of his skill with weapons, but also because of his importance as the first supreme king of the kingdoms to be reunited after the fall of Sauron. Aragorn is the son of Arathorn, known as Ehlessar, the Elfenstein, Dunadan, heir to the son of Isildur Elendil of Gondor. He is secretly raised by Elrond in Rivendell (like many others on this list) until he is ready to take on this difficult fate.

He was the sixteenth chief of the Dúnedain and the Northern Guard, lived in the desert and, by the will of Gandalf, served as a guard outside the Shire as a rope player.

He is an excellent warrior, who also remains loyal, defends Frodo and the Ring and refuses to give in to the temptation of the corruption of the Ring. When the Brotherhood is dissolved, he tries to keep their remains intact and leads the fight to the Black Gate.

Aragorn is considered one of the four peoples who opposed the power of the United Ring when it was offered to take it back voluntarily: One of those things was on Elrond’s board of directors. Aragorn was offered the Ring of Frodo, but he soon refused. So when he was tempted, he came out with flying colors. Aragorn was literally the best of the best and the best man who lived in Middle-earth at that time. He was modest and knew that the One Ring was getting out of hand.

After a hard victory over Sauron, he was crowned King Ehlessar, twenty-sixth King Arnor and thirty-fifth King of Gondor. He is a powerful man in times of peace and in times of war, and a symbol of goodness that ultimately defeats evil.

Aragorn has done beautiful things:
-Reformation of the Narsil splinters (forged in the first century by the famous dwarf blacksmith Telchar of Nogrod) to possess one of the worst swords in the world: Anduril
– Favorite army of ghosts to fight for him.
-As mentioned earlier, he successfully resisted the power of the One Ring.

2. Tingol

Tingol is one of those characters that fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy might not have heard of if they hadn’t read books on the history of the Mediterranean. Tingol was king of Doriat and king of Sindar the Great. He was also called one of the greatest and most powerful of all Elders.

Cindar was the first of the first elves to fall in love with Legolas before Galadriel.

As with the other elves, it was the gems that led to his downfall. After Khurin (to be discussed later) brought the treasure from Nargotronde to Doriat, Tingol called the dwarves from Belegost to Menegrot and invited them to turn the treasure into jewels. The best of these works was Nauglamir. Nauglamir was the second greatest treasure of the Doriat (kingdom of the Elves, land of the Sindars), which was mainly guarded, with the exception of Silmaril Bears and Luthien. After the blacksmiths of Belegost had completed their work on Nauglamir, Tingol asked the dwarves of Nogrod to install Silmaril there. Nauglamir, which currently wears the Silmaril, is recognised as the most beautiful object in the Ard (including Middle-earth).

The history of Nauglamir is very long and complex, but for the purpose of this quick, we can only say that it eventually led to a large-scale war between elves and dwarves. After much betrayal and deceit, Tingol was lured out of his kingdom with a small number of weapons to hunt, where he was ambushed and killed by waiting dwarves. The Fortress of the Thousand Caves was surprised and looted.

Nice things Fingol did:

– Tingol and Meliana have a daughter named Lucien, who is considered the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

– He was the first eleven who made contact and became an ally of the dwarves.

– He personally saw the light of both trees before it was destroyed.

– He was married to Maya (Gandalf was also Maya, a level lower than Valar (angel)).

– He kept the peace in a very difficult period and made alliances with the dwarves for the benefit of both peoples.

– He was the greatest of Iluvatar’s children.

3. Document

The proof is an elf figure who lacks love. He was the best friend of one of my favourite characters in the history of Middle-earth, the Turambara of Turin.  Siege plays a major role in Churin’s children’s book, and his story is undoubtedly dramatic enough to succeed on the big screen. He is known as Beleg Strongbow and was considered one of the greatest archers of the first century in Middle-earth.

His death was the most remarkable and tragic after he saved Turin from the orcs and saved his life. Let’s get the readers out. We will talk about their friendship later when we talk about Turin, but we dare to say that the friendship and love between Beleg and Turin is a true love. There is no reference in the books to any form of homosexuality, but if there were, the relationship between these two people would be really special and so tragic.

Nice things Beleg has done:

– He is one of the great captains of Sindara and participates in the hunt for the Great Wolf of Carcarotta during the events in Bears and Luthien.

– After his death Turin sang Laer Cú Beleg, the song of the great onion, and is known to sing it in times of mourning and pain in honour of his deceased friend and comrade.

4. Bears and lute players Их нельзя разделить. She is an elf, daughter of King Tingol and Melian (Maya). He’s a mortal man. It is the complex story of their love for each other and the tasks they are forced to perform, winning against all odds, but ending in tragedy.

Their story is told by Frodo Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

In the story of Luthien and Bears, an immortal elf marries a mortal and chooses death.

The love story between Berin and Luthien is in many ways similar to that between Aragorn and Arwen, which is quite funny because Luthien and Berin are their ancestors. Tolkien really loved the subject. Because of his strength and beauty he is known as the morning star of the elves. It had many powers, including the ability to heal and change shape. At one point she turns into a vampire to save Bears from Angbad.

Also known as Tinúviel, she was the elven virgin of Doriat in her early years and the most beautiful child of Iluvatar who ever lived. This is no small thing.

The story of Bears and Lucien is so amazing that we should have mentioned it here:  King Tingol (mentioned in nr. 2 above and father Lucien) desperately tried to prevent the Bears (man) from marrying his daughter and set himself an impossible task as bride’s prize: Bears would bring one of Morgot’s Iron Crown Silmarils to Tingol. Let it flow: Since the beginning of the war nobody (except Fingolfin) has been able to get close to Morgoth, let alone SEE Silmarilah on Morgoth’s crown.

Against all odds, the couple managed to get along with Valinor Juan’s dogs, but Beren died as soon as they were ready. On Mount Lucien he lies and dies on his way to the Mandos market. There, in her grief, she sang the mandosa. Their song was so beautiful that for the first and only time in its existence Mandos was touched by pity. But Mandos had no right to let Bears live again, so he turned to Manwa for advice, who in turn turned to Yeru Iluvatar himself. Subsequently, two options were presented to Luthienne: Either she could live in eternal bliss in Valimara with Valar, as a reward for everything she had done, or she could live again with Bears, provided they were both mortal and died of the death of the people. For his love of Bears, Luthien chose the latter.

5. Gilgad

Gil Galad plays in the film Brotherhood of the Ring, at least for a short time. At the beginning of the film we see him fighting Elrond against Sauron. He was known as the last supreme king of Noldor in Middle-earth and founded the Elven Kingdom of Lyndon, which was the longest Elven Kingdom in Tolkien mythology. He died after defeating Sauron in the last Alliance war. G

Hl-Halad is certainly one of the most powerful and royal elves Tolkien has ever made.

During the battle against Sauron, Gil Galad inflicted enough deadly injuries on the Dark Lord to destroy his body, but in return he suffered terrible injuries. His death marked the end of the Cold Kingdom in the Mediterranean.

That cool thing Gil-Guld did:
– When Sauron tried to contact the elves under the name of Annatar, gift master Gil Galad and Sirdan did not trust him and rejected his proposals.
– He formed the last alliance of elves and people with Ellendil and led the elves in the war against Sauron during this period.

6. Glorfindel

Glorfindel appears in the books The Community of the Ring, and many fans were sad that he didn’t make it. However, there are two different Glorifindels made by Tolkien, and the coolest one died before Frodo was alive.

Glorfindel was long and smooth; his hair was shining gold; his face was bright, young, fearless, and full of joy; his eyes were bright and clear, and his voice like music; he had wisdom on his eyebrows and strength in his hand.

The original Glorfindel is often called noble and was the first lieutenant of King Turgon. But Glorfindel is best known for his fight against the Balrog. In the story of the fall of Gondolin, the retreating elves are attacked, and Glorfindel defeats Balrog alone, but unfortunately dies in battle himself.

A thousand years after his death, Manwë (Valar) sent him back to the Mediterranean as Valar’s emissary and gave him powers almost as strong as those of the mayors (Gandalf, Saruman, etc.).

Unfortunately, Glorfindel is one of the most powerful elves in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In the book Stipendienringe Glorfindel plays a small but important role: A skilled fighter with golden hair, Glorfindel’s angelic presence forced Nazgul to flee from him several times. His healing powers saved Frodo’s life after he was stabbed by the same Black Riders. He drove them to Rivendell and offered to sit down with Elrond while he discussed what to do with the One Ring.

It’s a cool thing Glorfindel did:
– Glorfindel was also the main cause of the defeat of the Witch-King Angmar. He took part in Fornost’s battle to expel the Witch King, and after the battle was over he ordered them not to persecute him, predicting that no mortal would ever destroy the Witch King and prophesied that he would die. This is his complete prophecy: Don’t chase him! He’s not coming back to this country. His death is far away, and it’s not the hand of a man who’s going to fall off.
– In Elrondrat Glorfindel was in an honorary position next to Elrond and Gandalf. He suggested sending the One Ring to Tom Bombadil or to the bottom of the sea.

7. Gandalf

Although Gandalf is not the main character in Lord of the Rings, he is the most important puppeteer. Wizard, sage and warrior, when all around him seems lost, Gandalf is often the only one who can provide the best course of action.

Gandalf has many names: Fairy lover, ring bearer, grey pilgrim, white rider, jester. Gandalf, originally called Olorin, is a Mayan sent by Valar to advise and assist the central powers that oppose Sauron. At first he says he is weak and afraid of Sauron, but he spends years wandering around the Mediterranean, learning from the people he meets, and becoming known as the wisest and strongest Istari.

The following figure illustrates this perfectly. There’s Ira, who created everything, then Valar, and below that, Maya:

Although Comrade Istari Saruman is initially more powerful than Gandalf, his jealousy at Gandalf’s growing power leads him in part to betray him. After Gandalf’s resurrection as White Wizard, he banished Saruman from the Wizard Order and took his place.

As the bearer of the ring of fire, Narya, Gandalf’s powers are often associated with fire and light. The exact extent of his power is not known, but as those who took part in the Battle of Pelnor Fields know, Gandalf is certainly the one you want by your side in battle.

The cool thing Gandalf did:
– He joins Torin and his company on the Return of Smaugan’s Lonely Mountain – he leads the Brotherhood of the Ring to destroy the One Ring, and leads the Free Peoples in the final campaign of the War of the Ring.
– He met three people on that list, which is a great achievement: Aragorn, Glorfindel and Sirdan, captain of the ship.
– He wore one of the three rings of Elven power, Narya. Narya had the power to inspire others to resist negativity such as despair, tyranny and domination. It also enabled the owner to withstand the fatigue of time. He was also believed to have magical powers, as well as properties of fire, for it is clear that Gandalf claimed to possess the flame of Anor when he fought with Bane Durin.

8. Finrod Felagand

Finrod, the noblest of all elves, has always chosen the royal way in all his actions. He defied Fanor (We will have him) and defied Valar, who did not participate in Kinseleigh in Alkvalonde (the first Elven murder), but showed solidarity with his master Fingolfin. He was the first eleven who met people and befriended them, taught them their language, taught them Sindarina and sent them to their first home in Middle-earth. He was a good friend of the First Men and paid his debt to Barahir by accompanying Berena in a seemingly impossible attempt to remove Silmaril from Morgot. Despite the fact that Finrod was the king of Nargotronde, Finrod personally went looking for bays with only a dozen planes. Captured by Sauron’s henchmen on Werewolf Island, Finrod fought bravely against Sauron in a single fight, although he was doomed to fail as an elf against Maya.

It’s an act of heroism: Finally, after all his guards were killed and he and Bears survived alone in Sauron prison, Finrod attacked the werewolf sent to kill Bears alone and shot him with his bare hands, even though he died of his injuries. The Elf King selflessly gave his life to protect the life of a simple man. If it is true that a man no longer has love: to give his life for his friends, Finrod Felagund showed the most heroic love of the first era.

Finrod did great things:
– He met the men for the first time and told them about the elves
– Confrontation and Pledge
– Barahir (man) to save Finrod’s life in the great battle of Dagor Bragollah, and in friendship Finrod gave him his ring. This ring later became known as the Barahir ring and was eventually given to Aragorn when he learned its true nature. To find out more about the ring of Barahir, the ring of Aragorn, who was here.

9. Ellendil Most people only know this name because Aragorn calls him in battle. But there’s one more thing. Ellendil the High, Lord of Andunia and future Lord of Arnor and Gondor. Perhaps the noblest man who ever lived, with the possible exception of Aragorn Ehlessar (as mentioned above), Ellendil was an incorruptible and courageous leader of his people, the believer of Numenur.

He remained loyal to Valar and his Elvish allies, although he was persecuted by the mad Ar Pharazon, King Numerur, and his vassals of the royal people. Like the defender of the Jews when Hitler came to power, it was a dangerous choice, with many powerful motives to join the king and no less powerful threats to force him to betray his trust. Elendil was stripped of his rule by Andunia and had to go to Romenna, where the men of the royal family kept an eye on her.

When Sauron corrupted the rulers and society of Numenor Ellendil, the faithful were hunted down, killed, and even sacrificed on Sauron’s altar. In these dark times, Ellendil kept his faith in Valar and the elves, and after escaping the destruction of Numerur, he found a line of kings in Middle-earth.

In the battle of the last Alliance of Elves and Humans, Elendil fell with the Elf King Gil Galad Sauron, but both were killed in the trial, and Elendil’s sword fell when he fell. Ellendil’s son, Isildur, used his father’s broken sword to strike the only ring in Sauron’s hand. Victoriously, Sauron’s spirit has escaped.

10. Guides

Tuor is our big favorite, and we don’t think he gets the attention he deserves. After reading the more detailed report of his arrival in the hidden city of Gondolin, we think he deserves to be even more on this list.  The Tuor was a man of the House of Hador and a great hero of the people. He was a cousin of Turin Turambara. Like many legendary people, Tewor was raised by the Sedins themselves.

He lived most of his early years as a thief and was haunted by the orcs and other forces of the Morgot Tuor until he finally fled and went far west. He spent many years in Nevrasta and lived in solitude until several coincidences brought him to the coast, until he reached the ruins of Vinyamar, the ancient home of the Turgon (now the mighty Elf King of Gondolin) and his people.

At that moment Vala Ulmo, the Lady of Water, came from Beleger and appeared in Tuoru. It’s pretty epic right now. Never before has Valar seemed such an innocent mortal… a man. Ulmo gave him a big coat to protect him from the eyes of his enemies and the desire to remind Turgon of Caldor’s death and warn him of the fall of Gondolin.
Then Tuor and Voronve wandered into the Hebrew pools, where they saw Tuor’s cousin Turin, who owned the Gurtan, and headed for Dor Lomin’s bog.

After many years of life, Gondolyn Tour fell in love with King Turgon’s elf daughter, Idril the Festive. They were married at the Feast of the Great Fortune and shortly after the birth of their only child, Erendil Sailor, who himself became the father of Elrond and Elros. The gates fought for the city of Gonfolin in the final battle and fall. He, his wife, their son Erendil and the remains of the men in the gondola have secretly escaped. Tuor longs for the sea and eventually sails west with Idril. Despite his mortality, it was Caldor’s tradition that when Tuor arrived in Valinore with Idril, he was the only man accepted as one of his elderly parents. Thus he shared with Bears and Luthien, who also had a second life in the Mediterranean, the extraordinary fate of an immortal life in Valinore as long as Arda had patience.

Tewor has done some great things:
– Valar appeared to him personally and gave him the authority
– his son Erendil, who eventually became one of the most famous people in Middle-earth (under)
– He got a passage to the dying land of the elves and therefore shared it with Bears and Luthien, who also got a second life in Middle-earth.


11. Erendil

The father of Elros, the first king of Numenor and a very distant ancestor of Aragorn, and of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. And in terms of real success, he’s probably the biggest asshole in the history of Middle-earth. You don’t say cool motherfucker. He’s also the son of the Tuor said.

Erendil had Silmaril in his posture, Silmaril taking Berene out of Morgot. Fanor and her sons didn’t like this very much (explain later), and they attacked the people living near Erendil. But instead of being captured, Elving threw herself into the sea with Silmarilla and left her young sons behind. When Erendil heard about the tragedy of Arvernian, he went looking for Valinor, and he and Elving finally found their way. So Erendil was the first of the mortals to march to Valinor. Then Erendil went to the Walarians and asked them for help for the people and the elves of the Mediterranean in the fight against Morgoth; and the Walarians accepted his request.

He helped lead Master Valar, wore one of the three silmarilows on his eyebrows (badass!) and killed Ankalagon the Black, the greatest and most powerful dragon that ever lived, whose death destroyed the three peaks of Everest in a single battle (badass!).

Then he turned out to be the evening star, floating in the air, guarding the gates of the night – that’s right, he turned out to be Morgot’s prison guard. I know it doesn’t make sense, but…

Oh, and in Tolkien’s legend, he wasn’t sure if he’d been in the world before. And in one of his parts he met Ungoliant, Shelob’s mother, an Eldritch villain in the shape of a spider that ate the light of the Two Trees and frightened Morgot himself (she attacked him before the Silmarils, and it took Balrogs of the Army to chase her away), and killed her, even in a single fight. Of course, it was half-canon, because Tolkien had accumulated a few fates for Ungoliant (or Erendil killed her, or she was so hungry she ate herself), but Tolkien still thought he could do it.

Nice things Andyle did:
– He met the whole Valar in person.
– Between him and his wife Elving, they held Silmaril’s permanent position. Silmaril who pulled Berene out of Morgot.
– He killed Ankalagon Black.

12. Turin Turambar

Turin is my favorite character in the history of Middle-earth. In no other fairy tale is there so much tragedy, sorrow, revenge, anger, blood and tears. Turin is also bred by the elves of Sindara. At the age of eight he went to Doriat, a kingdom of Elven, where he was adopted as a son by King Tingol, after meeting the young elf Nella in the forest. Turin was a great warrior. At that time he was friends with Beleg Cutalion (listener) and attracted his relic – Dor Lomina’s dragon wheel. In the meantime, Beleg Cutalion got permission from Tingol to look for his beloved friend, who now lives like a thief because of a long fairy tale. Evidence was found in Turin, but could not convince his friend to leave the criminals and return to Doriat.

Pay attention: The friendship between Beleg and Turin is long and complicated. I’ll tell you more about their love later.

When Turin was captured and Beleg saved Turin from the orcs, Turin accidentally killed Beleg with the sword of an Anglican because Beleg, who tried to break Turin’s ties, was confused by Turin with one of the orcs who tortured him. When he realized what had happened, Turin lost his mind in silent grief, Gwindor took him to the ivory pools, where Turin cried, and his madness was healed. Then Gwindor brought Turin to Nargotrond, where he lived. Turin becomes the most important advisor of Orodret (king of the elves) and has a lot of influence in Nargotron. He himself became known as Mormegillah (Black Sword) or Black Sword of Nargotronde.

The story of Turin is very complicated here, but know that there are many deceptions and lies from the hand of the dragon Glaurung.

After great anger and at the perfect moment, Turin managed to stab Glaurung with a black sword and all the bitterness of his heart; he killed Glaurung in Cabed and Aras, but when he drew his sword, the dragon’s dirty blood fell on his hand and he was wounded and fainted. When Niniel (who was deemed dead by Glaurung’s lies in Turin) came to get him, Glaurung revealed to her in his last words that she was Turin’s sister. Afraid and believing in the death of Turin, Ninor Niniel committed suicide by jumping into the river gorge.

When Turin woke up, Brandir Lame, Lord of Haladin of Bretil, told him what had happened. Angry, he killed Brandir in front of many people and refused to believe the truth. When he heard from Mablung of Doriat, who was looking for him, that Brandir was telling the truth and that he had killed him unjustly, Turin could no longer live with the pain and misery of his life.

and decided to commit suicide. Just before his death he showed that he was blind; the curse of Morgoth had made him scratch in the dark since his childhood.

Then Turin told Gurtang (his sword, which he thought he had his will): Ave Gurtang, Death Iron, you’re on your own now! But what lord or what loyalty do you know, other than the hand you’re holding? Not a single bloodstain on you! Are you taking Turin Turambara? Are you gonna kill me soon?

And a cold voice recalled from the blade: Yes, I shall drink your blood to forget the blood of Siege, my lord, and the blood of Brandir, who was unjustly killed. I’ll kill you soon. Then Turin laid the hills on the ground, hurried to the tip of the Gurtang, and the black knife took his life. So Turin committed suicide.

Nice things Turin did:
– Turin had a cold sword that was still alive. It bears the name Gurtang and is made of Anglachel, a sword forged by Eel, the black elf Nan Elmota. After the sword had been reformulated, it was renamed Gurtang in Turin, which means Death of Iron. Turin itself became known as Mormegiel, the Black Sword.
– Turin killed the most famous dragon of all time, Glaurung.
– Turin commanded many armies and was a natural leader.
– Turin and Thore are cousins. In the book Unvollendete Märchen their paths cross, but without knowing it.

13. Fingolfin

Faynor’s half-brother (which we’ll come back to later), Faynor’s uncle, the supreme king Noldor, and the bastard from all sides (as if Faynor couldn’t stand each other…). At the top of the list is Fing-Dolphin, in third place.

He first led his people through Helcarax (an icebreaker. Imagine, Antarctica, but much worse) and kept most of them alive – and that was before the sun and moon appeared, so it was eternal night, in the worst possible cold.

Then, after the battle of the flames, came his most extraordinary achievement. When he heard what had happened to his people, he lost them, armed himself and went – alone – into the burned desert, which Morgotha had essentially roasted. Morgotha’s creatures and armies fled him because he was so angry and radiated so much power that they thought he was one of the Walarians returning to Middle-earth. Then he appears at the gates of Angband, presses them and resists Morgot in particular to come and fight. Because Morgot couldn’t refuse the challenge (even though he didn’t want to fight), he reluctantly accepted the challenge with his fingertip …which beat him over and over again. If Morgot hadn’t been one of the Valars, he’d probably have killed him. He left wounds on Morgoth that never healed.

It is remarkable that Phanor was the strongest in the art of speaking and hand, more educated than his brothers; his mind burned like a flame. The fingerprint was the strongest, the most durable and the bravest.

This action resulted in some beautiful portraits and epic sketches of the battle, here are some of my favorites:

That cool thing Fingolphin did:
-Because he was one of the first-born, whose eyes shone in the light of the Two Trees of Valinor.
When you start talking about the most powerful man in Middle-earth, the cut of the finger is always at the top of the list.
-He never lost in battle and defeated the orcs and frogs, not in fear as a mighty enemy, but in fear as a god. -He never lost in battle and defeated the orcs and frogs.
If the Lord of the Rings trilogy mentioned Sam as a hero, the hero of the first century was Fingolphin.
-He had a pretty epic Ringil sword. -He had a pretty epic Ringil sword. Ringil with a cold, shiny leaf in starlight.

14. Judge

Jurin Talion. One of the most deserving entries on this list. The man was undoubtedly made of pure steel.

Let’s start with the fact that Jurin was a man. It is said that he was the greatest warrior of mortals, so even from this we can conclude that he was more powerful than his son Turin, his cousin Tuor and his relative Bears (all on this list). He became lord of his people when he was only 21 years old after fending off a massive Orc attack on Barada Eitel. He has earned more fame, friendship and trust from the elves than any other man. That was just the beginning.

During the Nirnet Arnoediad (a mighty battle between Morghof and the Allies), Khurin fought as the god of war and helped Thurgon (the elf king) escape. Imagine a field with tens of thousands of corpses of all kinds: Elves, men, orcs, trolls, dragons and horses. The battle was finally lost; all the men were dead and all the elves disappeared. Orcs and trolls continue to arrive in their thousands, bloodthirsty and angry. Jurin was almost the last person standing alone. And what did he do? He took an axe and hired a personal bodyguard for the trolls (he was the lord of the Balrogs in the early days and the greatest Balrog ever to walk the Mediterranean); he killed seventy of them, and every time he killed one, he shouted: Aure entuluva! (The day will come again) – an expression that in itself is one of the worst things to cry about.

And now the final act to explain your courage and strength. Khurin was captured alive after he was buried under the bodies of his enemies and brought to Morgot by Gothmog himself, Lord of the Balrogs. This means that he appeared more or less before Satan himself and was only inferior to God himself in terms of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual power. If Aragorn was cool enough to confront Sauron through the Palatine, and if Ecthelion Fontana had the courage to fight Gothmog and kill him, what is Khurin who dared to face the nameless terror of mankind, one of the powers of this world, the first among the Ainours? No one could have dreamed of such a meeting, but Khurin literally ridiculed Morgot and defied him even after he had been cruelly tortured in every possible way.

The rest is history. Khurin remained chained to Tangorodrim for 27 years, cursed by the fact that he saw his family collapse and the human world fall into the shadow of Morgoth. But it’s not broken. Of course, his mind was eventually poisoned, but he didn’t give in to Morgot.

Morgot let Churin go and pretended he was a wretched and completely defeated enemy. Hador’s house was destroyed or enslaved. Hurin returns to Gondolin looking for Turgon. Hurin was looking for an entrance, but the gondola was closed and King Turgon didn’t let him in at first. Khurin yelled at Turgon and accidentally showed Morgotha’s spies Gondolin’s general position, after which he left. It was only after he had left that Turgon changed his mind and sent the Eagles after him, but they came too late and could not find him.

After several other failures and tragic events similar to this son’s, Jurin finally realized that all his actions had only helped Morgoth. A broken man, he finally rushed to the sea and committed suicide.

Nice things Harin did:
– He saved Turgon’s life – his skills and fighting spirit surpassed those of his peers and he is considered one of the best fighters who ever lived.
– He saw the hidden city of Gondolin, which is Turgon’s best friend.

15. Anor

In behavior. The name we’ve mentioned several times on this list.

Fanor, perhaps the greatest of Central Earth’s figures and Tolkien’s subtleties. Some figures dominate the terrain and stand like giants, casting shadows on the stories of the human journey.  Something in a person’s life – a quality that makes it more than life, as we like to say – brings together disparate moments and events and enables us to see a coherent story where otherwise no one would be.

Tolkien called him the most important artist of the elves. In fact, none of them were equal to Fanor Kurufinwa, unless it was Galadriel, whom we deliberately removed from the list.

Fanor is made most powerful in all parts of the body and mind; the face, the understanding, the agility and the subtlety, all children of Iluvatar – Silmarillion.

Fanor started out as a famous gem blacksmith. It was one of the first elves in the dying land, Valinor, who went west. His skills were unsurpassed in jewellery design. Here’s a short list of some of the amazing things he’s done:

– In Tolkien’s first conception, the Silmarils (the gemstones that stood at the centre of most of the 1st and 2nd centuries) were dipped in the glow of the wooden Silpion (later Telperion), combined with a drop of it from Laurelin. According to this opinion only Fanor could do such a feat – he was the inventor of the Tengvar script.
– He also created the Palantiri (round stones represented in the Lord of the Rings).

It should be noted that Faynor was very arrogant and proud. He definitely wants to create something better than what the other elves have done. He wants them to continue to exist, which means that Fëanor consciously or unconsciously resists the limitations of time and life imposed on the world of Iluvatar. Morgot (then known as Melkor) longed for the Silmarils and hated FëanorHe had spread lies for years to divide the elves, and it worked. There was a power struggle between Faynor and Fingolphin. Fanor’s testimony revealed Melkor’s evil intentions and lies. Meanwhile, Melkor has destroyed two of Valinor’s trees with the help of the evil spider Ungoliant and plunged Valinor into total darkness. Then Melkor and Ungoliant stole the Silmarils and many other treasures. Then they escaped via Helcarax or Grinding Ice to the north, to Belerian in the Mediterranean.

Fanor when he hears of the theft of his beloved Silmarilov and his father called Melkor Morgot, or Black Peacemist. Fanor gave one of the most passionate speeches ever in Ard. He spoke out against the Dark Lord, but he also partly blamed Valar for Morgot’s actions, saying that they should have stopped him and let him fail. Faanor then swore under the name Iluwatar himself that he would not harm anyone, regardless of race or reason, to keep Silmaril away from him, and that he would violently prosecute anyone who tried to do so. Fanor was also sworn in by his seven sons under the Mindon Eldalieva tower on Place Greater Tirion. This vow has caused great tragedy for the Fanor family and the Elders in general. That oath has triggered a lot of things and actions. Most elves are looking for revenge and war against Morghoff.

On the road from Valuanor to Middle-earth many bad deeds were committed. The first murder of elves was one of the greatest tragedies. The killing of the elves against the elves also revealed the fate of Mandos by driving Caldor out of Valinore and predicting that their war against Morgoth would bring them nothing but suffering.

After receiving the boats, Fanor simply decided to renounce all those whose loyalty to him was not absolute, and one evening he and his followers sneaked into the boats. They arrived in Losgar, in the land of Lammota, in the far west of Belerriand, where Morgot and Ungoliant had passed shortly before, and upon their arrival Fanor decided to burn the ships and leave the followers of Fingolphin behind.

Then came the war between Morgot and the troops of the elves. Coldor wins the first battle and destroys Morgoth’s army. But Fanor, excited by victory and eternally proud, rushed to Angbend with a small vanguard far ahead of his army. When the orcs approached Angbend and saw that the number of Fanor was so low, they turned around and organized a fight. Because of their proximity to Angbend they were strengthened by a number of Balrogs who soon shot most of the elves. But Fanor was unshakeable, and although he suffered many wounds, he fought alone for a long time. But in the end he was shot by Gothmog, the Lord of Frogs.

Fanor knew her wounds were fatal and ordered her sons to stop. He looked three times at Angband and cursed Morgotha, but when he looked into the depths of the fortress of Morgotha, he understood the truth of the words of Mandos; that no power of the Cold Worker could ever overthrow the Dark Lord. Yet he ordered his sons to take an oath and avenge their father. When he died, his fiery spirit left his body and reduced it to ashes.

Ugh, what a story. It doesn’t end here, but for Faynor. The story of his sons and the search for the Silmarils lasted for thousands of years after Faynor’s death.

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