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The minecraft dungeons best build 2021 is a blog that discusses the 14 best Minecraft Dungeons weapons in 2021.


In Minecraft, a dungeon is a hazardous area filled with a variety of nasty monsters waiting to pounce on you and inflict massive harm. A player must be completely prepared for the perils of Minecraft, and in order to do so, he must acquire the finest weaponry available to defend himself against any assault. 

In Minecraft Dungeon, there are a variety of strong weapons that may cause significant levels of discomfort to enemy mobs.

The 15 greatest Minecraft Dungeon Weapons in 2021 may be found in this list, which will help you simply survive your Minecraft journey.

Sword of the Hawk Brand


Hawkbrand Sword is one of the finest swords to use when starting out in Minecraft and learning how to utilize melee attack abilities. It delivers Damage ranges from 61 to 98 in melee., which is a respectable range for any sword, and it’s simple to wield.

  •  61-98 melee damage
  •  Increase the likelihood of a critical strike

Because the sword’s strength level is high, it enhances the blow damage, allowing the player to severely hurt the monsters he is battling.

With this blade, the probability of a critical hit rises. This sword can only be considered as the best in the game since it is a legendary weapon of proven warriors.

And the best part is that the gamer doesn’t have to look hard to locate it. It’s easy to find in Mission 2 and is an excellent weapon for gamers who are just getting started in Minecraft.

This sword already has a damage increase enchantment on it, as well as a critical chance benefit.

If you like battling one-on-one with your opponent and enjoy battle, this sword will last you a long time in the adventure, and it is also easy to get as a novice in task 2.

2. Sword of the HeartStealer


This rune sword is imbued with black witchcraft and was given to one of Arch-most Illager’s renowned generals upon their victory of the squid coast.

  • Damage ranges from 75 to 133 in melee.
  • Mobs are drained of their health.
  • A strong rebuttal

This sword, found in Mission 7, does 75-133 melee damage, which is a considerable amount of damage for any weapon. Because this sword’s range is greater, it may harm a larger area.

This blade will aid players in dealing with swarms of opponents by allowing them to deliver severe strikes from a greater distance than previous swords.

Every time a monster is struck, the player receives a boost for health recovery, resulting in a faster recovery rate.

When smashed to the ground, one of the most notable characteristics of this weapon is that it provides a pushback. When the blade is smashed to the ground, it causes a knockback effect.

Overall, this sword is very fantastic and assists players much in battling mobs as well as giving recuperation assistance in addition to the strikes that can be dealt with opponents.

3. Blade Without a Name


The tale of this terrible sword was buried in the sands of time.

  • 37 points of melee damage
  • Enemy assaults are weakened.
  • Combination that is dependable

In the player’s hands, this ancient Viking-style sword feels fantastic. The purple hue of the curved blade gives it a deadly feel to anybody who handles it.

This sword has a bit more power than the usual. It can be moved at a modest pace, and the area it may impact when striking is large enough to frighten enemies from a block away.

It may be helpful in any battle scenario for gamers who want to lessen opponent assaults while battling. It has the ability to reduce the effect of an assault on an opponent, which is a significant benefit while battling any kind of opponent.

While this long blade isn’t the fastest or most powerful sword on the list, it does come with some rather incredible benefits that players may utilize.

It is a dependable weapon that may significantly improve the chances of its soldiers by acting as a lethal weapon and armor against enemy attacks.    

4. The Bite of a Nightmare


Nightmare’s Bite’s twin blades drip with lethal venom that hasn’t worn off in all these years.

  • Damage dealt by melee ranges from 122-185.
  •  Poison Clouds are spawned
  • Dual-wielding

This green twin-blade sword is one of the weapons that are ideal for gamers with a wicked sense of humour.

It has the appearance of a deadly snake and spew poison. It doesn’t spit, but it does produce poison clouds, which are a fantastic method to kill enemies and keep them running away from you while fighting.

The sword has a quick speed and does a lot of damage, thus it’s a good addition to the player’s armory. Given the critical hit damage it delivers to the player, this sword may be used effectively during battle.

When striking the target, the area impact is great, allowing the player to get the most out of each strike.

Nightmare’s bite is an effective melee weapon that may greatly improve a player’s odds of surviving against any kind of enemy that appears.

Knife of the Truthseeker


During interrogations, the high block warden kept this unappealing sword at their side.

  • 160 points of melee damage
  • Damage to injured monsters has been increased.
  • Attack with a thrust
  • 2 Gathering of Souls

The truthseeker knife is a strong weapon that outperforms all other knives and swords in Minecraft in terms of damage. It has a damage power of 160, which is comparable to the majority of the other powerful weapons on this list.

It declares additional damage to monsters having a soul collecting benefit while interacting with them. Because the Truthseeker knife has two benefits, it gives additional life to mobs or foes.

Aside from the soul collecting benefit, the player also receives a bonus for previously injured opponents. This allows the player to do more damage to the enemy mobs while also gaining an advantage in the battle.

The sluggish pace of this knife is, however, one of its drawbacks. The Truthseeker knife is not as quick as one would want. However, the knife’s power and the quantity of damage it can inflict compensate for its sluggishness.

This gleaming white weapon is used by the elites and has the appearance of an old magic weapon. When a melee assault scenario occurs, a player will be overjoyed to utilize this knife.

6. Pickaxe made with diamonds


Diamond is one of the most durable materials available, making it an ideal pickaxe material.

  • 120 points of melee damage
  • More Emeralds are discovered.

Diamond is a valuable metal in Minecraft, much like it is in real life. However, its rarity is due to its strength rather than its beauty in the game.

With the exception of Netherite, diamond weapons are the most powerful, and therefore play a larger role in the game. Diamond Pickaxe has a good amount of power. It inflicts 120 melee damage to the opponent, which is a significant amount of damage.

Some enchantments, such as shockwave and brightness, enhance the ability of this diamond pickaxe.

Diamond pickaxe has more advantages than simply inflicting harm on mobs. It also has an emerald farm. This is one of the pickaxe’s inherent qualities that helps the player throughout the game.

Although the assault speed is modest and the area covered when attacking is limited, the weapon’s ability to attack and harvest emeralds makes it a fantastic weapon.

One of the most popular weapons among the gaming community is this green shiny weapon. The diamond weapon is the first thing every player wants for in a game, and this pickaxe is an excellent option for most.

Glaive of Venom


The venom glaive seems to be trailed by a poisonous cloud…

  • Damage ranges from 89 to 131 in melee.
  • Poison clouds are spawned.
  • Increased melee range

The Venom Glaive is a tiny blade weapon that delivers devastating strikes to enemies. It has a warrior-like feel to it since the weapon’s handle is lengthy, allowing the player to strike the opponent at full stretch.

This strong weapon does 89-131 damage, which is enough for any battle scenario. The glaive moves at a reasonable pace and covers a large enough area to prevent the opponent from approaching you throughout the battle.

Because of its high base tick damage, it may be used to improve the playstyle.

The white toxic clouds that emerge when using it are the best part about it. This potent weapon is a highly lethal weapon that allows the player to enjoy the battle while annihilating the opponent.

8. Beer brewing


This long-lost champion’s bow seems appropriate in the hands of those seeking justice.

  • Ranged damage of 50-100
  • Attacks with a lot of power
  • Heals allies in the vicinity.

This bow is capable of launching a strong arrow strike from a distance of 100 yards, making it ideal for the seeker of the truth and the night of justice.

The primary benefit of utilizing this bow is that it sometimes grants a health recovery aura, which boosts the player’s health points during battle.

It may be dropped at the end of the quest when a player achieves the 7-9 level. It possesses a strong charge attack that does more damage than the other bows. The white metal looks fantastic in the hands of a Minecraft player who wants to battle in his search for adventure.

It not only kills the adversary but also heals the nearby players. This bow has the ability to restore maximum health to all allies in the area.

9. Cursed Axe: Double Axe


With only a single scratch, this cursed, deadly ax renders its victims ill for years.

  • Damage dealt by melee in 2008
  • Mobs that have been defeated erupt.
  • Attack with spin

The devil’s weapon is the double ax curse. This cursed ax demonstrates why medieval fighting was the most popular sport. The double blade in Minecraft does more damage than most other weapons. When this axe is used against enemy mobs, they have no option but to flee or perish. When the mobs are struck with the cursed ax, they don’t die; instead, they explode, leaving no sign of their bodies.

It’s not just a good melee weapon, but it’s also a deadly spin attacker that blasts the opposing mob away with ferocity.

There are also a number of enchantments that may be applied to it to make it even more formidable and deadly.

This ax’s strength, speed, and striking area are all superior than those of the other weapons available.

While attacking, it gives the appearance of being a devastating striker, blowing away everything in its path. It is a very strong and famous dungeon weapon that is widely regarded by the whole Minecraft community.

Jailor’s Scythe is the tenth soul scythe.


The Jailor, the horror of Highblock Keep, has this scythe.

  • 1128 points of melee damage
  • Chains and binds Enemies
  • 2 Gathering of Souls

Soul collecting has increased. Looks great, and it’s a powerful melee weapon. For dealing with a huge number of foes.

The ancient jailors’ weapon is the Soul Scythe. It’s a powerful melee weapon that may help you deal with many opponents at once. It adds a flexible flair to your combat arsenal that aids in keeping opponents at away.

The potency of Soul Scythe rivals that of the game’s most powerful weapon. It possesses 1128 points of melee damage, which is a high score for killing any monster in the game.

It not only destroys hostile mobs, but it also aids in the collecting of souls. It may be helpful to someone who loves exploiting the extracted soul.

This is a stunning weapon that looks great in the player’s hand while doing devastation on the opponent.

If you like intense battles, Soul Scythe will offer you a significant edge over the opponent and aid in your long-term survival.


A hammer with a crystal implanted in it that harnesses the force of gravity is very strong.

  • 281 damage in melee
  • Attracts enemies
  • Exceptional splash

Hammer of Gravity is very helpful while battling a large number of opponents. Its strong strike flings monsters to faraway blocks, inflicting irreversible damage on them.

This purple-blue hammer has a fantastic splash effect that is best used when the player is besieged by monsters and the swarm is filling the player’s area, obstructing the quest.

When pounded in the center of the group, it draws in the opponents, devouring them like a black hole in the earth.

It possesses 281 melee damage, which is sufficient to inflict enormous damage to opponents while shielding the player from their wrath.

Its gravitational force creates a splash effect that attracts everyone in the area. If you’re a fan of Thor and want to feel the force of his hammer, Hammer of Gravity is an excellent weapon to use.

Obsidian Pinnacle and Fiery Forge drop it, and camp Blacksmith can make it for you.

Harness the force of gravity to become a super-strong player capable of conquering every battle in the journey ahead.

12. Knife of the Soul


This knife has a strange air about it, as if it has always existed and will outlast us all.

  • 2074 damage in melee
  • Possibility of gaining souls
  • Attack with a thrust
  • Gathering of Souls

Desert temple discovered amid a flooded marsh. A blacksmith forged it. Build that collects souls. Strengthening the soul connection further increases power.

In Minecraft, the soul knife is a one-of-a-kind weapon found in wet swamps and arid temples. This weapon may also be crafted by the blacksmith in exchange for goods.

It’s a potent weapon that can wreak havoc on opponents. With its soul-collecting design, it can increase the ability to gather souls beyond what a regular knife can.

It delivers 2074 melee damage to monsters, which is notable given that it’s a knife rather than a big weapon like a sword or hammer.

Players that like collecting souls may take use of the game’s improved soul collection option to acquire all of the deceased monsters’ souls.

This knife has been around for a long time, and it has helped legends face the toughest battles in their Minecraft journeys.

Dancer’s Sword (number 13)


This sword is preferred by the warrior who sees combat as a dance with death.

  • 45 points of melee damage
  • Boost your attack speed.
  • Combination that is dependable

Excellent weapon selection. From the beginning, this is a reliable combo buff. Cacti Canyon, Redstone mining, dropped from the fiery forge  

Boost your attack speed.

The dancer’s sword is a fantastic weapon that is better suited to artist fighters than to players who like to battle alone. With the strength and abilities it provides, it creates a combat art that will keep you fascinated.

This weapon is a force to be reckoned with for someone who enjoys rapid melee strikes, throwing blows after blows at the enemy hordes.

The melee damage power is lower, but it may compensate for this with rapid strikes and an artful fighting style. It’s a great weapon for battling a lesser opponent since it makes you seem like Hercules in the midst of the battle.

Sickles: The Final Laugh


Increase the number of Emeralds dropped. Farm unique mobs with a one-of-a-kind sickle.

  • Damage dealt by melee is 599-1398.
  • More Emeralds are dropped by mobs.
  • Dual-wielding

Sickles are a popular weapon among Emeralds fans. It increases the number of emerald drops available for users to collect for later use. There is a special function for regular mob farming that it provides to players who are prepared to put out the effort to collect mobs for assistance.

It also has a melee damage capacity of 599-1398, which makes it ideal for battling tougher opponents in the game.

It’s a dual-wield that can do damage from both sides, giving the player a lethal edge and boosting the possibilities of fatal strikes.

Minecraft Dungeons is a game that was released in the year 2011. The what is the strongest weapon in minecraft dungeons 2021 is a question that has been asked by many players over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons 2021?

The best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons 2021 is the sword.

What is the new best weapon in Minecraft dungeons?

The best weapon in Minecraft dungeons is the fishing rod.

What is the strongest Minecraft dungeons weapon?


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