Our phone may be the best invention because it changed our lives. It has changed the way we communicate, talk or listen to music! When it comes to entertainment or listening to music, we put on headphones. Just like our phones, which are constantly evolving, headphones are also changing the way they work. We have used many types of headsets, such as the traditional blue toothbrush and now USB C-type headsets and earphones.

The reason we use type C headsets is that the phone companies focus on thinner phones. So they try to eliminate unnecessary things to save space. And when it started, there was a headphone jack. Although Bluetooth headsets were also invented when the headset connection was removed, few people appreciated this change.

Some people have found them boring because they have a poor sound quality and are also easy to lose! And that’s because we’ve switched to USB C-type headphones that connect to the charging port, and we can enjoy the music we’ve used. Although it has been a long time since they invented type C earphones, people still don’t know what to buy or what not to buy. And how to choose the best type C headphones and enjoy our music with headphones of the highest quality.

There are some things you need to look at with the C and 2021 type headphones, so take a good look at them to get some basic ideas about what to buy and what not to buy!

  • Sound Quality : Whatever headphones you buy, you must never compromise on sound quality! You should know that many people don’t like to use Bluetooth headsets because their sound quality isn’t good enough (at least not in the ones you can afford). So always look for headphones with better sound quality.
  • Turn off the sound: Noise reduction is another property to consider with headphones. Even if it’s not common, you have to look for it consciously. Noise reduction technology ensures that you won’t hear any background noise when listening to your favourite music or making a phone call.
  • A microphone: Buying headsets without a microphone is a waste of money, because no matter what happens, sooner or later you’ll have to answer calls with headsets, and when that happens, you’ll need headsets with a microphone.
  • Control panel or integrated keys : The built-in buttons are just as important as the microphone. Because you don’t want to pick up the phone every time you need to change numbers or answer a call. That’s why you need an integrated control panel for true hands-free communication.
  • Comfortable size and fit: You don’t want to buy headphones that are uncomfortable and can cause ear fatigue. Like everything else, you have to put comfort first if you are looking for the best headphones for yourself.
  • Brand: A good brand is also important, there are many brands you can trust blindly when it comes to quality and multifunctional helmets. So, if you’re willing to spend a lot of money, always for a brand of headphones.

In addition to these criteria, you must also decide on your budget in order to avoid overspending. The price of headphones varies per range, so chances are you’ll find a good pair of headphones in your budget.

So these are the things to watch out for in headsets, but although a person knows what to watch out for, given the wide choice in the market, he can easily make a mistake about what to buy or not to buy. We have therefore selected different types of C helmets that are among the best on the market today!

Best USB-CHeadphones and Earphones

the best USB headsets and earphones

1. KUPOISHE Digital Headphone USB C Pixel 2

the best USB headphones

KUPOISHE’s Pixel.2 USB C Digital Headphones are among the best USB C earphones you can rely on for the best music experience. This should be the best choice for Android phones. Speaking of sound quality: You get a good frequency range and a full stereo sound. With a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) they become more attractive for people who simply want the best sound quality. The high-resolution sound and rich bass will impress you.

In addition, the earphones are comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design and thermoplastic polymer material. The integrated microphone and controls are also available in the headphones.

2. Pioneer RayzProactive Noise Reduction Headphones

the best USB earphones

If you are looking for the best C-type earphones that are both technologically advanced and innovatively designed. The reason we found it necessary to turn on the headphones was their phenomenal control, making them one of the best headphones on the market. Operation is not limited to volume, changing music tracks or receiving calls, but allows you to open applications and mute calls.

And the noise reduction function is the headphones’ second strength. The background noise is completely blocked and you won’t feel any discomfort while listening to the music. The headphones also record Ai Siri’s team.

3. Mini USB Headset Type C

the best USB Flash Drives

Mijiaer is also an excellent choice for USB C-type earphones. What we like about these headphones are the great features and the affordable price. These headsets can be used with any Android phone. You will love them for their comfort, because the earphones are lightweight and the material is soft to the skin.

When it comes to sound quality, you’ll find an improved sound system with rich bass that focuses a little on the low frequency response. These earphones also feature DAC technology for clearer sound without loss of sound quality.

4. Wired magnetic headphones

USB headphones

Acessorz is our next choice for the best USB C-type earphones. These headphones are very affordable and of excellent quality. You may think it’s too good to be true, but believe us, it’s a real bargain when it comes to high quality, rich C-type helmets.

It has clear stereo sound quality, making it a good choice for all music lovers in the area. As the name suggests, it has a magnetic helmet that prevents the helmet from twisting when not in use. Although the earphones are compatible with almost all devices with a C charging port, you need to make sure they work with your phone before you buy them.

They are also very comfortable thanks to the foam earplugs. Noise reduction functions are available, as well as the built-in microphone and control panel. Finally, the headphones are guaranteed for 6 months, allowing you to invest in complete safety.

5. MindorlenUSB Digital Headphone

If you are looking for comfort for your headphones, Mindorlen should be your first choice for a USB C-type headphone. They are very pleasant and comfortable for the ear and do not cause fatigue after long sessions of hearing care.

Their sound quality is also impressive, as they have a good frequency range and also offer a balanced sound (clear and deep). You will also find a DAC, a built-in microphone and easy-to-use controls. Earphones are also durable and you can rely on them for a long time without being disappointed.

6. Razor head USB C Headphone

the best USB earphones with USB connection

Razer Hammered is also a popular brand of C-type USB headphones. The only thing you’ll find in headphones is that they don’t rely on an active noise reduction system, and their ability to keep outside noise away from your head is based on a passive system.

The earphones are equipped with bi-long earplugs and 10 mm dynamic diaphragms. They are easy to use and have a built-in microphone and controls. You’ll also find a tangled cable that makes it durable.

7. WamGra USB-CHeadphone

WamGra is another of the best USB C-type earphones, known for its ability to block out all outside noise and let you enjoy your favorite music without any background noise. It also has a deep and clear sound, so the sound quality is good for you.

It is popular for its strength and comfort. The earphones are equipped with copper wires that do not contain oxygen or sweat. A built-in microphone and easy-to-use buttons make it easy to control the reception of calls or music. After all, the headphones are guaranteed for life, making it easy for us to invest.

8. Wired Digital Headphone USB C Google

the best USB headphones

Now, as we know, Google, like most other major brands, is planning to remove the headset connector from their phones. So they came up with a great solution with their own USB C-type headphones. Even with a big brand, the earphones are affordable and affordable for you to buy them easily.

When it comes to sound quality, they won’t disappoint you either, because it’s 24-bit digital sound. Rich bass and a clear voice are also the amazing features. Quick access to Google’s help is also a good thing. There is also a network media controller.

9. TriL-USB Type C Headset

If price is not a problem for you and you just want to buy the best USB C type earphones, TriL is perfect for you. Soothing in nature, you’ll find soft, lightweight earphones that fit your ears without causing discomfort when worn. Because of their stable fit you don’t have to adjust them all the time.

The high audio resolution is also a great feature that you want to have in your headphones. The headphones also have maximum sound attenuation, which means you can listen to the music exactly as it’s intended. Individual earplugs are also a good feature. The earphones are compatible with virtually any device and have a sleek, slim design. Finally, the warranty for the headphones is 12 months.

10. One projectile plus one type C projectile

One advantage is that they are as famous as they are reliable, and because they also have phones without a headset jack, they invented their own type C headset. Although the headsets are not compatible with all Android phones, it is a good option. He’s got a tangled wire. The sound quality is also excellent and the integrated remote control will also impress you.

The earphones are very durable because they are heat resistant. The helmets are also equipped with dynamic drivers. This is the ideal type C headset (as long as it is compatible with the device!).

11. Libraton-Qadapter

Libratone Q Adapt is our next choice for the best C-type earphones. The earphones do not sweat and sit comfortably in the ears. It has excellent sound quality for both music and calls. Noise reduction is also an important feature. Finally, the protective fabric extends the life span. Sound settings are also possible. Although it’s only for Google devices, it should be an ideal choice if you have one.

12. ANC USB C Headphones with razor mallet

Razer is a popular brand that produces excellent C-type USB earphones. These earphones are equipped with dual drive technology. And for comfort, they have soft foam headphones. Active Noise Cancellation and DAC are also available. In general, this is an excellent option for type C helmets.


These are the best headphones on the market today. We also consider these earphones as our own choice because of their good qualities and the feedback from the customer who has bought the earphones before.

If you are looking for the best type of C 2021 helmet, this should be your first choice. This is the end of our article, and we hope you found what you were looking for. Thank you very much for visiting this page.

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